New business for our container depot services

We are pleased to announce S Jones Containers has been awarded with an ongoing contract with the major shipping line APL for container handling, inspection, repair and storage. The new business win adds APL to an impressive client list which includes Hanjin, MSC, Marfret, OOCL, Stinnes Linien, Tarros and Sloman Neptun. Over the year, APL’s […]

Housing the homeless in Honolulu

Two dozen modified shipping containers are being used to house the homeless. The village that will spring up on the Sand Island site will offer electricity, plumbing and 24 hour security.  It’s expected to house 75 to 100 people. Shipping containers are so versatile and in many instances, a cheaper alternative to a permanent building.  The […]

Unusual Shipping Container Homes

This swanky home in Denver is made up of seven modified shipping containers! This is proof that you can do almost anything with shipping containers! Internally the home features a large open plan dining and living space, with heating and air-conditioning systems. The kitchen boasts a built-in countertop stove and hardwood floors making the room unrecognisable as […]