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S Jones delivers contained space solution for landfill gas generation in Thailand.

S Jones Containers’ relationship with valued customer Uniflare goes back nearly 10 years to 2008.  Over the years, we have delivered at least 13 projects for the global environmental technology company.

Our latest project was a bespoke containerised renewable energy system which has been shipped to Thailand.

The 40ft high cube container is being used to process methane waste gas from landfill sites and it houses three gas compressors and a control room.

The compressors will be used to compress bio gas 55% methane and 45% carbon dioxide, at the rate of 4500 cubic metres per hour, feeding a CHP (Combined Heat & Power) generator.

Les Newick at S Jones Containers, said: “Most of Uniflare’s projects have required modified plant room containers of 10ft and 20ft containers for use with gas processing equipment.

“The extent of the modification on the 40ft Thailand unit included; six sets of new cargo doors, 3in each sidewall, louvres and fan vents, together with an insulated internal lining designed specifically for high temperature and high humidity climates.”



Uniflare completes projects for UK, Europe and worldwide, and say they work with us because of our ability to deliver completely bespoke units using 3D CAD modelling expertise.

Trevor Beardsmore at Uniflare, said: “This complements our way of working as all Uniflare projects are a bespoke build to exacting customer requirements.”

Previous Uniflare projects include an equipment container enclosure in the desert sands of Saudi Arabia, demonstrating how Uniflare, in partnership with S Jones Containers, is able to deliver cost-effective solutions to the most remote locations.


Bespoke conversions are carried out by S Jones’ team of specialist design engineers to transform containers into highly sophisticated containerised solutions for equipment and processes worldwide – for test facilities, power generation, solar farm electrical enclosures, restaurant complexes, water pumps, fire suppression, housing, and a host of other applications.

For more information, call us on 01922 741756.

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Buy S Jones Containers online 24/7 on our brand new website launching soon!


How will it work?

We’ll be offering the same great products, accessories and service with UK nationwide delivery options, but you’ll be able to purchase containers out of office hours giving you more flexibility, making it as convenient to you as possible! 


Posted by: S Jones on May 11st, 2017 @ 1:57 PM

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S Jones Containers welcomes two new sales team members

We are delighted to announce the appointment of two new members to our expanding sales team. 

Charlotte Lees has already worked for the company for 2 years as an administrator.  Charlotte has an infectious personally who we have all grown to love.  She has great product knowledge and is a passionate individual who will strengthen an already motivated and dedicated team.

Sophie Watts joins us from a totally different industry, previously working in pharmaceuticals.  Sophie brings a fresh approach to the team.



These new roles will be key to assisting with future growth and working alongside the existing team to maintain excellent relationships with our existing customers and suppliers.

Posted by: S Jones on May 4th, 2017 @ 2:32 PM

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Cool news for dogs that are feeling 'ruff'

When Monmore Green Stadium, home of greyhound racing, was looking for a way to cool down hot dogs, the management team found the answer right on their doorstep in the form of a converted shipping container. 

The Wolverhampton stadium, which is owned by Ladbrokes plc, wanted to create a “chiller room” as an additional veterinary facility, and turned to us for a cost-effective solution. 

The team at Monmore Green Stadium outlined their requirements for a specialist facility for over-heated dogs. 

Richard Brankley, head of stadia at Ladbrokes plc, explained: “We wanted a unit specifically to cool down a greyhound on the rare occasion they become anxious or over-excited. 

“Dogs do not have sweat glands, so they reduce body heat through panting. This is best aided by the combination of managing ambient air temperature and controlling air flow.” 

But Monmore Green could not afford the time and disruption involved in having a special unit built at the stadium. 

Mr Brankley said: “Having a container built and furnished off-site and simply delivered as a complete unit was the perfect solution. 

“On searching the internet, we discovered that the ideal company to help us was right on our door step in Walsall. 

“I made contact with Les Newick at S Jones Containers and he was able to provide a full design specification for our unit and provide a tour of the site to help the decision making on sizes and available finishes.”

Monmore Green Stadium Converted Shipping Container


Bespoke conversions are carried out by our team of specialist design engineers, including 3D CAD modelling, to transform shipping containers into highly sophisticated containerised solutions for equipment and processes worldwide – for test facilities, power generation, solar farm electrical enclosures, restaurant complexes, water pumps, fire suppression, housing, and a host of other applications.

For more information on bespoke conversions, contact us.

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You too can run a business from a shipping container!

Many people are turning to converted shipping containers as an alternative to bricks and mortar to run their businesses. If you're looking for a business premises with a twist a converted shipping container could be the perfect solution. 

They are quirky, secure, weatherproof and you can avoid the cost of paying rent as you would with a shop, making it a more cost-effective option long term. It can be tailor-made to meet your requirements and can be totally unique!

We have created many eye-catching cafes, bars, shops and reception areas from modified shipping containers.  Some refer to them as 'pop-up' containers as they can be easily moved around and don't have to be a permanent fixture, making them the perfect pop up shop however, one thing you can be sure of is that they are built to last.

Here are a few examples of the containers we have modified. Prepare to be inspired! 


Coffee shop designed for an exhibition



Cafe at Battersea Studios - to free up space in the main offices



Container bar  



Coffee shop









Container Bar



Contact us for more information on our conversion services.

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Fulfilling requirements for the Fire Service

We supply containers to a variety of business sectors for many different uses.

We recently delivered a 20ft open sided container to The West Midlands Fire Service.  The container is being used to store operational equipment as there is a shortage of space at the station. 

Our customer commented, “using the container provides a cost effective option rather than investing in building alterations. Should our training requirements change in the future, this also provides us with a transferable solution minimising future costs.”


For more information about any of our products or services, please contact us.

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