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Joined-up Stores Facility for Engineering company

A Railway Engineering Infrastructure Company approached us with a requirement for a Stores Facility as part of their yard set up.

The Store was created by joining three 40ft high cube storage containers together side by side. Side personnel doors and powder coated, motorised roller shutters were installed in place of the original cargo doors. 

Shipping containers were specified as they provide a flexible facility that can be moved easily in the future if required.

Our customer needed the facility to be 100% weather tight on delivery.

Should they need to increase their stores facility in the future a second shipping container level can easily be added without taking up additional yard area.

Our customer commented, “After enquiries to six container suppliers, we chose S Jones for the following reasons; S Jones were the only supplier who could provide the units as a weather tight facility on delivery, without the need for further site works. Their priced proposal included design drawings and photographs from similar projects, so we could see the product we would be getting. As an engineering company ourselves, we reviewed their design and could see that the details would work and were the result of tried and tested solutions from many years of experience. During the enquiry stage we were assured of their capabilities from the confident responses to our queries and questions. We were confident that they would be flexible and could provide a bespoke solution to our requirement and they could deliver to suit our timeframe.

During the design and approval stage, all our comments and requirements were incorporated and we were given a full set of fabrication drawings prior to the start of manufacture, so we know what we would be getting. The facility was ‘on time’ and was manufactured and delivered in accordance with the date agreed and set down in our order. The units were delivered and the facility was set up and weather tight within 2 hrs of the first shipping container landing on site.  The facility was manufactured in accordance with the approved drawings, and met our aspirations and expectations.

We would definitely consider S Jones for our future requirements.”



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Containers converted into a secure storage and dispatch office

We’ve recently delivered 4 single-trip modified 20ft containers to a Birmingham based Presswork & CNC machining company to be used as a storage and dispatch office.

Our customer required a large secure storage and dispatch warehouse to be located on site to free up space in the factory to maximise productivity.

All of the modification work was carried out at S Jones in our workshop.  All 4 containers were joined together to give our customer the capacity to house all of their equipment in one place with easy access.  We installed electrics, worktops, windows and roller shutter doors.

The main reason our customer chose shipping containers was their durability, ease of relocation and their excellent stacking ability.  A 2nd floor is now being discussed.

Our customer commented, “From start to finish a professional, helpful & friendly service, excellent quality of 4 converted containers, we will be using you again.”


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Shipping Containers to house gas turbine machinery

Centrax Gas Turbines commissioned S Jones Containers to custom build three containers to house system upgrade machinery and equipment for a project in Croatia.  Assembly and testing of the units took place at the Centrax headquarters in the UK and were shipped ready for installation - saving time at site and minimising disruption for the customer.  

“The level of support and expertise at S Jones Containers was excellent.   Right from the beginning of the project they listened to our requirements and asked the right questions, and after receiving their high-quality product we won’t hesitate to use them again”.  Peter McCaig, Project Manager 





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S Jones Containers delivers bespoke control room to leading worldwide company.

We've recently delivered a converted 10ft container to leading worldwide technology and service partner to the aquaculture industry, AKVA group.

AKVA group’s FNC8 (Flying Net Cleaner) is an intelligent remote Net Cleaning Rig, designed for the global aquaculture industry, to help reduce cage marine fouling. The FNC8 can be operated via a handheld mobile console or from a control room. Built with standard ROV components that are easy to clean and disinfect, it also includes several built-in auto features and advanced camera systems and sensors for complete monitoring during the entire cleaning process. With the use of high quality Net Cleaning equipment, such as the FNC8, optimum fish growth conditions can be ensured. 

Brian Knowles, Technical Manager at AKVA Group commented “A modified container from S Jones Containers was selected to produce a complete control room for the FNC8 which includes a fully integrated control system and pilot chair. By opting for a modified container from S Jones it has allowed the control room to be both mobile and flexible. Using a 10ft container, ensures our customers can easily operate the FNC8 on a wide range of boats, providing the opportunity to easily move the equipment around a variety of locations.“ 

“Working with S Jones Containers was a pleasure from start to end, with a highly professional specifying and quotation service that provided excellent recommendations and great flexibility. Their multi-discipline engineering solutions specifically enabled us to achieve our objectives. We would recommend working with S Jones Containers.”

If you would like to find out more information about the FNC8, click here

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The Sky won't Fall on Adele...


“Rumour Has It” a couple of S Jones Containers’ latest container conversions are globe-trotting around the world with singing sensation Adele!

Two modified 20ft shipping containers have been painted black and fitted out internally to securely house expensive and essential equipment for Adele’s 2017 tour.

The tour started in Australia where the containers were suspended within the massive central lighting rig, approximately 80 feet (24m) above Adele’s head! 

Adele is now at Wembley.  Her concerts are setting a new capacity record for the stadium.  The extra space has been gained through innovative set design by our customer Star Events Ltd.




By enclosing key lighting, sound and video equipment inside modular containers, the tour technicians are able to deploy a complex engineering solution with relative ease and safety at each venue and then get the units back on the road with minimal fuss and disruption.  Roger Barrett, Special Projects Director at Star Events Ltd, who built the custom stages for the Adele tour said, “We have two days at each venue to construct and set up the whole rig and equipment and then take it all down again within 24 hours after each show. Being able to lift the fully loaded containers straight off the back of trucks into the stage roof was the key to making it all work to schedule.” An awesome feat in itself! 

We are feeling quite star stuck here at S Jones! 

Another example of how our conversions are only limited by your imagination!

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Containers Converted Into Mobile Water Treatment Plants


We’ve produced containerised water treatment plants for some of the world’s leading water and wastewater experts.

We worked with Evergreen Water Solutions Ltd to supply their municipal client a containerised wastewater treatment process.  The containerised plant was commissioned into the North East of England in early 2016.

40ft high cube container compartmentalised into two separate compartments with openings for process pipework and ventilation systems


We worked closely with Evergreen to develop a solution. The converted container was transported to Evergreens specialist M&E contractor for fit out with the process equipment and electrical control systems.

The completed container was installed and commissioned on site in a fraction of the time it would have taken to construct a concrete building on site. The benefit in using a container vs a concrete building or GRP kiosk allowed Evergreen Water Solutions to meet tight project timelines with reduced time on site.  This is very important from a safety perspective as all the installation work in the container is carried out in a controlled environment of site.

The wastewater process being trialled at Horwich is an advanced technology for the tertiary treatment of municipal wastewater.

All the equipment was installed and tested before being brought to site which substantially reduced on-site installation time.

Evergreen specialises in providing containerised Waste water treatment systems to treat waste water for various Industries, from industrial effluent plants to municipal waste water companies.

Evergreen’s Managing Director, Robert Mannion said they were very pleased with the end result.

“Our containers are also used as phosphate removal filtration systems and complete Sludge Dewatering systems.  The main work is constructed off site in the containers and then cables and pipework sections are fitted between the containers and existing site services to create a complete process.  This minimises the onsite construction hours which is what all major construction companies are now looking for,” he said.



We’ve also delivered containers for Transvac, the world’s leading supplier of Ejector Solutons.

Craig Favill at Transvac said: “The main benefits of having the full system installed into a container are that it is kept secure, vandal resistant, takes up a small amount of space on site, requires little groundwork to install and can literally be picked up and moved elsewhere if problems arise on other sites of a more urgent nature.

“The product we build using an S Jones container is called the ’TransPAC,’ which is a fully mobile, all-in-one, ‘plug and play’ system that doses Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) at a specified rate into water treatment works sites. PAC is used to tackle taste and odour issues, remove pesticides, including the notoriously difficult Metaldyhyde, and algae blooms.”

“We purchase 20 foot containers, ready painted in a suitable RAL colour to match our logo. We used to use containers with a single side opening, but this year have progressed our end product design to include a double open-ended container, allowing us much easier access to both sides for installation and maintenance purposes.




For more information on bespoke conversions, call our specialist team on 01922 741756

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