Contained Space Solution for landfill gas generation in Thailand.

Over the years, we have delivered at least 13 projects for a global environmental technology company. Our latest project was a bespoke containerised renewable energy system which has been shipped to Thailand. The 40ft high cube container is being used to process methane waste gas from landfill sites and it houses three gas compressors and a control room.


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Bespoke Plant Room Projects

The compressors will be used to compress bio gas 55% methane and 45% carbon dioxide, at the rate of 4500 cubic metres per hour, feeding a CHP (Combined Heat & Power) generator. Les Newick at S Jones Containers, said: “Most of these projects have required modified plant room containers of 10ft and 20ft containers for use with gas processing equipment.

“The extent of the modification on the 40ft Thailand unit included; six sets of new cargo doors, 3in each sidewall, louvres and fan vents, together with an insulated internal lining designed specifically for high temperature and high humidity climates.”

The global environmental technology company completes projects for UK, Europe and worldwide, and say they work with us because of our ability to deliver completely bespoke units using 3D CAD modelling expertise. Trevor Beardsmore at the company, said: “This complements our way of working as all our projects are a bespoke build to exacting customer requirements.”

Previous projects include an equipment container enclosure in the desert sands of Saudi Arabia, demonstrating how we are able to deliver cost-effective solutions to the most remote locations.

Bespoke conversions are carried out by S Jones’ team of specialist design engineers to transform containers into highly sophisticated containerised solutions for equipment and processes worldwide – for test facilities, power generation, solar farm electrical enclosures, restaurant complexes, water pumps, fire suppression, housing, and a host of other applications.

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