Simple Space Solutions

Are you under government pressure to increase facilities and increase intake numbers, and subsequently wondering where the extra classroom space is going to come from?

Are you on a budget?

Are you unsure on how to provide such an environment when restricted with the permanent building structure, but have spare outside space?

Why not discover the practicalities of modular Buildings – cost effective, and easy to use.  The structure of the units allow you to change the layout to suit your needs, and units can be easily linked to create a large, diverse and comfortable environment for staff and children.   You will get everything you need as if it was a permanent building structure, however with the flexibility to change layout even after installation, using our fully trained fitters.

Features and Benefits

  • Well-lit teaching spaces with glazed windows providing natural daylight providing a comfortable and safe environment
  • Current fire regulations adhered too.
  • Bespoke floor layouts
  • Possibility to provide toilets that are child friendly
  • Possible space to rent out to after school events, clubs, events etc providing that much wanted extra revenue
  • Individual internal and external panelling allowing exchangeable wall elements even after installation
  • The optimal solution for all budgets
  • External colours can be adjusted to match school colours.
  • Personal advise and support is guaranteed by your specialist S Jones team.
Temporary school building

Simple Space Solutions

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