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Container Padlock Protector

Never lose your padlock with the 'Contain-A-Lock'® Padlock Protector Shroud

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To prevent loss or theft of the padlock it is held inside the padlock protector shroud by a simple sliding carriage. Relocking the padlock away from the hasp stops its remo val. However, the mechanism still allows full operation of the doors.

See video clip of 'Contain-A-Lock' in action. 

Unlock the door, slide the padlock back and relock it away from the hasp. The padlock is now locked into the shroud body and cannot be removed. It really is that easy. 

See video clip of 'Contain-A-Lock®' in action.  Click Here for a full specification of Contain-A-Lock®.

You'll never lose your padlock with Contain-A-Lock®!

We have combined our patent pending ‘Contain-A-Lock’® padlock protection shroud with the high security CISA 285-75 ‘C’ section padlock creating a container locking solution that gives operating benefits and cost savings for either large or small scale users.  View information on the CISA 285-75 'C' Here.

This product is ideal for container rental, container sales and self storage use. The slide and lock method of operation avoids the need for the operator to put his/her hands or fingers inside the shroud to move and locate the lock onto the staple.

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It works on 'out of alignment' (racked) container doors due to free play in the mechanism within the shroud body.

The slim design of the protector shroud allows fitting within ISO shipping container dimensions on standard doors and restricts access to the padlock with tools.

‘Contain-A-Lock’® gives major benefits at a competitive price that can be recouped many times over by preventing padlock loss and theft, and the secondary costs incurred.

We receive significant repeat business from existing customers who have standardised on our ‘Contain-A-Lock’® padlock protector.

The principle of the patent pending ‘Contain-A-Lock’® can be adapted for many other uses where security and protection of the padlock are imperative, such as truck/trailer body doors, building doors and gates of all sizes.

Manufactured in the UK ‘Contain-A-Lock’® can be delivered throughout Europe or world wide. It is available with or without the CISA padlock and can also be supplied by itself.

For more information on our 'Contain-A-Lock'® Padlock Protector please contact us, or freephone 0800 195 4538.

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"The lock provided is great, very simple and easy to use, fantastic"

D.K, Private Individual, Hereford

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