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Container Conversions

Container Conversions to Site Offices, Secure Stores, Sound Proof Generator Containers, Fire Proof Cabins, Plant Housing, Enclosures, Etc...

We are the manufacturer of your modifications, not a "middleman" company. When you discuss your requirements with us you are getting comments and experience directly from us, not via a 3rd party, which improves quality of understanding of your project.

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ISO shipping containers are such a good basic design they are perfect for converting to an almost infinite number of alternative uses, principally for extra security, mobility, housing and enclosing equipment and processes, and as a secure work environment.

We add value to the basic design through:

  • Product knowledge of containers and ancillary equipment,
  • Design experience with structural assessment and CAD,
  • Thorough project investigation to ensure suitable specifications,
  • High quality workmanship and customer service.

We can also design and manufacture non ISO containers to form enclosures and frame structures of any size and dimension to contain and house your equipment.

You receive the benefit of our 35 year knowledge of containers when planning a business solution using our container conversions.

We have supplied a considerable number of container conversions to a lot of people for a lot of different uses, many of which are exported to all parts of the world. - there isn't much we haven't seen, so Speak to Us for honest and thorough service and advice!

Click to see what the basic container design gives you:
  • Integral strength ready tested for lifting up to 25 tonnes of internal weight
  • Weather tight
  • Strong and robust
  • Tidy and professional appearance
  • "Anonymous" appearance
  • Designed/ tested/ certified for intermodal transport
  • Easily relocated, people "understand" what a container is
Click to see alternative uses we have modified containers for
  • Site accommodation, offices, canteens, gate houses, laboratories
  • Blast proof accommodation for oil refineries
  • Sound attenuated cabins for: generators, compressors, vacuum pumps, high pressure gas processes
  • Fire suppression for fuel processing units
  • Fire proof cabins
  • Single skin tanks
  • House and home shipping containers
  • Site office containers
  • Secure stores
  • Sound proof generator containers
  • Refrigerated containers
  • Insulated containers
  • Plant housing
  • Enclosures
Click to see the features that may be right for you
  • Accommodation lining/ insulation
  • Electric wiring, lighting, heating, air conditioning/ HVAC units
  • Sound attenuation and ventilation
  • Ventilation, louvers, fans, ducts, rated air change rates
  • Gland plates, fixed, bolt-on, laser cut flange plates, spot faced, open apertures
  • Blast proofing
  • Doors, highly secure windows, shutters, grills
  • Linings, plywood, aluminium sheet, galvanised sheet, plaster board, sound attenuated panels
  • Internal lifting beams and lifting gear
  • Racking, bunding
Click to see the types of industries and organisations we have worked for
  • Local Government
  • Education
  • Power Generation
  • Air/ gas generation/ handling
  • Boilers
  • Compressors
  • Vacuum pumps/ water treatment
  • Petrochemical
  • Waste management/ processing
  • Construction
  • Nuclear
  • Process control
  • Timber treatment
  • Self storage
  • Ship building/ refurbishment
  • Exhibition
  • Security

Our role in your project - what do we offer?

Whether you require a basic sports club changing room, tropicalised living accommodation or a highly modified, attenuated, thermally lined, temperature controlled unit with apertures and gland plates galore, we see our role as the provider of a finished product ready to use or receive your equipment/ process/ control panels without further modification by you.

We want to get involved in your project. We will ask a lot of questions to ensure all the container related issues have been correctly dealt with, e.g. structural loading and integrity, and also ensure other specialist features have all been thoroughly thought through and designed.

Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.


Design & CAD Capabilities

We are equipped with CAD 3DV modelling facilities offering the ability to see a virtual representation of your final product, be it container conversions, general fabrications or container enhancements.

Our CAD capabilities provide our customers with validation of form, fit and function prior to build. Read more about our CAD capabilities.

Below we show the original CAD drawing of a recent project together with the finished product:



Container Conversions Photo Gallery

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