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Living Big In Your Tiny Home

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15th March 2019

Living in a container home might seem restrictive, with far less space available than the average home, but there are many clever things that you can do to make the most of your space. There’s no reason you can’t live big in your tiny home and have all of the accessories you need without the clutter.

We’re here to give you some space-saving ideas that will make your tiny home feel like a mansion!

Chuck the Clutter

We’re all guilty of accumulating clutter and allowing it to overwhelm us, but in a larger home it’s easier to hide this. In a tiny home, it’s essential to be selective and keep only what you need or feel attached to. If you have too much clutter covering every available surface in your home, it can make the space feel much smaller and busier.

You don’t want to throw away those family heirlooms, but you can be selective about what’s on display and where. For example, instead of having your grandmother’s complete spoon collection covering every available space, you can have one or two on a shelf or affixed to the wall.

This can even save you some cash too, as you could go for a smaller shipping container home if you use the space wisely.

Folding Furniture is Your Friend

Furniture that can be folded away and stored when not in use can be a real asset for your tiny home. Dining tables and beds are among the biggest culprits when it comes to using up your space. If you have foldaway versions of these, then it can make the space feel much larger without compromising on comfort.

Check out furniture used in caravans and other small homes for inspiration. While shipping container homes are relatively new, compact homes and space-saving furniture have been around for much longer!

If you have a lot of kitchen accessories, then cupboard and counter space will be a premium for you. Use multiple levels and shelving to fit everything in without overcrowding your area.

Consider the Colour Scheme

The décor in your small home is all-important, as the colours and patterns that you use can make a huge impact to how you perceive the space. We’d suggest keeping things light and neutral, as these colours will make the space seem much larger.

Darker colours and busy textures should be used sparingly, as these can prove to be an assault on the eyes in a small space. If you do want to decorate with darker colours, use metallic accents to diffuse the effect.

As you’ll be able to see most of the home at once, you’ll want to have a cohesive and complementary colour scheme throughout. Mixing and matching too many colours can come off as chintzy and detract from the space.

Keep on Top of the Cleaning

When you have a larger house, it’s easy to have an ‘out of sight out of mind’ mentality when it comes to cleaning. If the kitchen is a mess, you can still go through to another room and relax without thinking about it.

However, in your tiny home, these messes are always visible! It’s essential to keep on top of your chores in a smaller home, otherwise you’ll be stuck looking at that pile of dishes as you try to decompress. Mess on the floor and surfaces will make the space feel smaller and like you’re being overrun.

The good news is that if you clean every day, it should never get to the stage where you need to spend a long time purging! If you have kids living in your small home, then you’ll definitely want to instil the importance of clearing up from a young age – for your own sanity!

Keep it Bright

Having enough light coming into the home will drastically improve your perception of it. Natural light will really work wonders when it comes to making the home feel larger. Installing windows will flood your place with light and give it a whole new feel.

If you live in a place without much light, or during the winter months, you might want to invest in sunrise lamps. These mimic the sunrise by gradually filling the room with light and can wake you gently in the morning. This light can really make your home cosier, brighter and more spacious.

Being thoughtful with your décor can transform your tiny home and make it much more luxurious and roomy. It’s all about perception and with a few small changes, your floorplan can feel like it’s expanding! 

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