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Transform Your Wedding and Event Venue with Bespoke Storage Solutions

6th February 2024

Independent venues for weddings and events are often aesthetically unique and pride themselves on providing that ‘wow’ factor for guests. As venue demand increases, there is naturally a need for storing excess equipment, supplies, and décor in these unique spaces. Traditional solutions often fall short, leaving venue owners facing a dilemma: sacrifice functionality or compromise the very essence of their space.

This is where shipping containers can be the ideal solution for event venue storage. Containers not only offer secure, flexible storage options, but are also readily modified to fit in with a venue’s aesthetics.

Unlocking Space & Potential: Why Containers are the Perfect Fit for Unique Venues

Flexibility with design

A standard shipping container alone offers more flexibility than a permanent bricks and mortar building. Containers are much more cost-effective than a brick building, plus they don’t require any additional labour charges once onsite. A container can be moved and re-located. S Jones Containers works with a network of trusted hauliers who operate nationwide, so we can get a container to you quickly no matter where you are in the country.

Containers also offer a lot of flexibility in terms of design as they can be readily adapted to any size or storage need with specialist modifications. This means they are great for event and wedding venues looking for a more bespoke storage solution for their site. For example, partitions and extra personnel doors can be added to make a multistore unit, or hatches can be cut into the side of the container to create a serving area for additional outdoor bar space.

Durable by nature

Containers are also durable by nature. Built to withstand harsh conditions at sea, steel shipping containers are wind and watertight to keep the contents inside safe and dry during transport. This natural durability makes them a great storage solution for outdoor venues that don’t have (or don’t want to build) a conventional bricks and mortar building but have items that need to be kept in a dry, secure storage location.

Secure venue storage

Speaking of security, containers offer peace of mind when storing valuable goods, or items that risk being tampered with. Shipping containers can be secured with a heavy-duty container padlock. Container padlocks are designed to prevent theft as they are much more difficult to get at with bolt cutters than a regular padlock.

In addition to this, you can invest in extra security measures to give your container unit the adequate level of security it needs. For example, fitting a lock box such as our ‘Contain-A-Lock’ Padlock Protector to your container will form a shroud around the lock, and is tamper proof, resistant to corrosion, and offers lock retention. Another option for sites that need to grant multiple people access to the container is a Bluetooth locking system.

Match the venue’s aesthetic

When it comes to creating an aesthetically pleasing storage unit, traditional structures are lacking in flexibility and have limited customisation options that are cost-effective. If you manage a heritage venue, you may also need to consider site restrictions and planning permission you must adhere to. Investing in a shipping container for site storage can be an easy solution to increasing space without clashing with the venue’s aesthetics.

Standard shipping containers usually come in blue or green. If you’re after an industrial look, or don’t need to adhere to any site restrictions, you may decide to keep the container as it is. Alternatively, you can get your container repainted in any RAL colour or even clad the outside with wood to give a natural look. To find out more about your container customisation options, speak to your S Jones account manager.

Customised Solutions for Every Storage Need

No matter what kind of additional storage requirements your venue needs, a shipping container is a fantastic solution to creating the specific space you need. Not only do containers provide a functional and secure storage unit, but they are also highly flexible to suit the specific needs of your unique venue.

S Jones Containers has years of experience in providing space for event venues, from standard shipping containers for excess furniture storage all the way to bespoke container conversions to create a truly unique space. We go beyond simply offering containers; we offer tailored solutions that seamlessly blend functionality with your venue’s aesthetic.

From nationwide delivery to ongoing account management, we handle every step of the process ensuring your chosen solution works flawlessly within your venue. Our experienced account managers prioritize your satisfaction, working tirelessly to ensure the final product exceeds your expectations. Our dedicated team is always available to answer questions, address concerns, and provide ongoing support.

To find out how S Jones could help transform your wedding and event venue with bespoke storage solutions, contact our sales team today.

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