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At S Jones Containers, we provide you with all of your container needs. Whether you require storage containers, shipping containers or containers for any other reason, we have them in stock and ready to transport to you. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled service to supply only the finest used and new containers at competitive prices; see our conversionsdimensions & pricing pages.

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All of our shipping and storage containers are built in accordance with, or modified from, ISO standards. This means that we provide you with only the safest, most secure and durable containers possible.

To enable immediate delivery and use of your container we will provide you with a complete transport and delivery service, including the lift off and positioning of the container to any accessible position exactly where you want it. We also provide you with a transferral service if you require changing the containers location, as well as a no hassle collection service when a hired container is no longer required.

S Jones containers are designed so that they are perfect for shipping container conversions in almost an infinite number of alternate uses, principally for extra security, portability, housing equipment e.g. generators and as a secure working environment.

We exist for our customers, who keep returning to us time and time again for all of their container needs. We give a complete and integrated service to ensure your 100% satisfaction; see our Container Sales and Container Hire pages. We are confident that you, like all our customers, will be delighted with our friendly and personal service when you buy shipping containers from us. We guarantee we will never be beaten on customer service. You are brought in as a part of the family and your container needs are met immediately.

We’ve learned a few things during our 35 years in the shipping container business that we will gladly share with you so that you avoid any unforeseen problems, such as purchasing the correct containers, the placing of your container for correct use, or possible planning issues.

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Are you thinking of buying a new or used shipping container? Before you choose which one is right for you, why not read our Buyers Guide.

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