Whatever your shipping or storage needs, we stock high cube shipping containers for sale in all standard sizes, ready for delivery nationwide throughout the United Kingdom.

With high-quality products and a reliable service, buying a high cube shipping container from S Jones means you benefit from over 40 years’ experience in providing shipping and self-storage container solutions.

What is a High Cube Container?

The fundamental difference between a standard height container and a High Cube Container is the height difference of 12 inches. For example, a 40ft standard shipping container is 8ft 6in high on the exterior with a 7ft 10in interior. A 40ft standard container has 2,350 cubic feet of storage space on the interior, whereas the 40ft High Cube container has 2,694 cubic feet of potential storage space. This additional headroom gives this container an extra 344 cubic feet of valuable storage capability.

If you are unsure of the size of high cube container you need, contact us and a member of our experienced team will happily share their expertise and advise you on the size of container best suited to your needs and suggest any additional accessories that will help you maximise the potential of your high cube storage container.

Fast and Reliable Delivery

In need of fast delivery? When you order a high cube shipping container from S Jones, you gain access to stock from one of our many shipping and self‐storage container stock facilities throughout the country. These facilities give you benefit from rapid turnaround and great value delivery from highly experienced and fully trained crane‐equipped hauliers. We have stock facilities based in the West Midlands and throughout the UK.

Essential Accessories

Our extensive range of container accessories are not just limited to conventional shipping container units – we also offer these accessories to suit your purposes on our high cube models, enabling maximum utilisation of your container investment from the start. Our accessories include container shelving, lockboxes, container ramps, patented padlock protectors and more, enabling you to both personalise and enhance the security of your high cube container.

Our range of high cube containers include:

Whether you need a container for shipping or want to buy a container for storage, see our full range of single trip shipping containers for sale here – this includes both high cube and standard containers. For second-hand used containers, please visit our used shipping containers page.

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High Cube Self Storage Containers For Conversion

Our high cube storage containers are also suitable for ambitious shipping container conversion projects and customisations such as the addition of container windows, roller shutter container doors and fitted sliding doors. High cube containers are also often used as the basis for on-site site offices or for self-storage due to the additional height.

Whatever your high cube container needs, we proudly offer comprehensive guidance on container care, container dimensions and more on our FAQ page.

The Complete Guide To Buying A Container From S Jones

From detailed specifications to space and access requirements, find everything you need to know before you buy a shipping container in our guide.

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