Containers Converted Into Mobile Water Treatment Plants

We’ve produced containerised water treatment plants for some of the world’s leading water and wastewater experts.

We worked with Evergreen Water Solutions Ltd to supply their municipal client a containerised wastewater treatment process.  The containerised plant was commissioned into the North East of England in early 2016. We worked closely with Evergreen to develop a solution. The converted container was transported to Evergreens specialist M&E contractor for fit out with the process equipment and electrical control systems.

The completed shipping container was installed and commissioned on site in a fraction of the time it would have taken to construct a concrete building on site. The benefit in using a container vs a concrete building or GRP kiosk allowed Evergreen Water Solutions to meet tight project timelines with reduced time on site. This is very important from a safety perspective as all the installation work in the container is carried out in a controlled environment of site.

The wastewater process being trialled at Horwich is an advanced technology for the tertiary treatment of municipal wastewater. All the equipment was installed and tested before being brought to site which substantially reduced on-site installation time.

Evergreen specialises in providing containerised Waste water treatment systems to treat waste water for various Industries, from industrial effluent plants to municipal waste water companies.

Evergreen’s Managing Director, Robert Mannion said they were very pleased with the end result.

“Our containers are also used as phosphate removal filtration systems and complete Sludge Dewatering systems.  The main work is constructed off site in the containers and then cables and pipework sections are fitted between the containers and existing site services to create a complete process.  This minimises the onsite construction hours which is what all major construction companies are now looking for,” he said.

We’ve also delivered containers for Transvac, the world’s leading supplier of Ejector Solutons.

Craig Favill at Transvac said: “The main benefits of having the full system installed into a container are that it is kept secure, vandal resistant, takes up a small amount of space on site, requires little groundwork to install and can literally be picked up and moved elsewhere if problems arise on other sites of a more urgent nature.“The product we build using an S Jones container is called the ’TransPAC,’ which is a fully mobile, all-in-one, ‘plug and play’ system that doses Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) at a specified rate into water treatment works sites. PAC is used to tackle taste and odour issues, remove pesticides, including the notoriously difficult Metaldyhyde, and algae blooms.”

“We purchase 20 foot containers, ready painted in a suitable RAL colour to match our logo. We used to use containers with a single side opening, but this year have progressed our end product design to include a double open-ended container, allowing us much easier access to both sides for installation and maintenance purposes.

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