Cool news for dogs that are feeling 'ruff'

When Monmore Green Stadium, home of greyhound racing, was looking for a way to cool down hot dogs, the management team found the answer right on their doorstep in the form of a converted shipping container.

The Wolverhampton stadium, which is owned by Ladbrokes plc, wanted to create a “chiller room” as an additional veterinary facility, and turned to us for a cost-effective solution. The team at Monmore Green Stadium outlined their requirements for a specialist facility for over-heated dogs.

Richard Brankley, head of stadia at Ladbrokes plc, explained: “We wanted a unit specifically to cool down a greyhound on the rare occasion they become anxious or over-excited.

“Dogs do not have sweat glands, so they reduce body heat through panting. This is best aided by the combination of managing ambient air temperature and controlling air flow.”

But Monmore Green could not afford the time and disruption involved in having a special unit built at the stadium.

Mr Brankley said: “Having a container built and furnished off-site and simply delivered as a complete unit was the perfect solution”, upon searching the internet, Brankley “discovered that the ideal company to help us was right on our door step in Walsall.”

“I made contact with Les Newick at S Jones Containers and he was able to provide a full design specification for our unit and provide a tour of the site to help the decision making on sizes and available finishes.”

Bespoke conversions are carried out by our team of specialist design engineers, including 3D CAD modelling, to transform shipping containers into highly sophisticated containerised solutions for equipment and processes worldwide – for test facilities, power generation, solar farm electrical enclosures, restaurant complexes, water pumps, fire suppression, housing, and a host of other applications.

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