The magnetic appeal of Formula 1 is setting the pace for learners

What is F1 in Schools?

F1 in Schools was launched in 2001 as a Design & Technology Project to address the ‘Four Key Concepts of Design and Technology as a subject: “Creativity, Designing, Making and Critical Evaluation”, and now 16 years later, F1 in Schools is acknowledged as the world’s largest STEM based educational competition.

The Teaching & Learning experience covers CAD/CAM, 3D Scanning, CNC Routing, Milling and Turning, as well as laser cutting and engraving and 3D printing.  Pupils can design and make F1 model racing cars that can be tested on a racetrack against models constructed by other student teams.

Teachers also have the opportunity to design and deliver bespoke Design and Technology, and Engineering related courses that offer pupils the opportunity to experience something new from manufacturing to working with modern CNC equipment to computer based design tasks.  The activities help to enhance a pupil’s knowledge and give them experience of the skills and processes they will encounter during studies in class also in the world of work.

How S Jones helped

Our design engineers worked with the customer to design and manufacture the prototype product, an internationally shippable self-contained school workshop which will allow students to develop their interest in STEM subjects.

The modified 40ft shipping container features an entrance doorway, line out, electrics, HVAC systems and specialist flooring.  It was then re-painted and branded to the customers’ specification. Machine tools and desks were installed by the customer to complete the workshop.

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