Site Workshops and Stores

20ft containers are a perfect solution for an onsite tool store or workshop. They the can converted complete with dry OSB board lining, electrics, cupboards, worktops and racking ready to kit out by yourself or fully kitted out by our agent ‘NES Industrial Supplies and Fasteners’. For more information on a complete turnkey tool supply […]

Wildlife “hotel” now OPEN!

The ‘jungle’ telegraph is buzzing about Denham Country Park’s new Eco Pod! The “bug hotel” Eco Pod is designed around a 20ft shipping container.  Groundwork South came to S Jones Containers, leaders in creating and providing Contained Space Solutions, to draw up a 3D CAD model design and then modify the container in their Aldridge-based […]

The magnetic appeal of Formula 1 is setting the pace for learners

What is F1 in Schools? F1 in Schools was launched in 2001 as a Design & Technology Project to address the ‘Four Key Concepts of Design and Technology as a subject: “Creativity, Designing, Making and Critical Evaluation”, and now 16 years later, F1 in Schools is acknowledged as the world’s largest STEM based educational competition. The […]

Container mobile wheelchair clinic

It is estimated that 70 million people are in need of a wheelchair 80% of whom live in developing countries. For the last 25 years, Motivation, a non-profit organisation has been developing and delivering innovative products and solutions that help improve the quality of life of the world’s poorest and disadvantaged.  Motivation design a range […]

Joined-up Stores Facility for Engineering company

A Railway Engineering Infrastructure Company approached us with a requirement for a Stores Facility as part of their yard set up. The Store was created by joining three 40ft high cube storage containers together side by side. Side personnel doors and powder coated, motorised roller shutters were installed in place of the original cargo doors. […]

Camouflaged Containers!

Want to disguise your container so that it blends in with its surroundings? This is exactly what one of our customers did! This look was achieved by using a di-bond material.  The 8ft container is located on private land near the River Wye.  Three sides of the blue container have been covered so that it blends […]

Containers converted into a secure storage and dispatch office

We’ve recently delivered 4 single-trip modified 20ft containers to a Birmingham based Presswork & CNC Machining company to be used as a storage and dispatch office. Our customer required a large secure storage and dispatch warehouse to be located on site to free up space in the factory to maximise productivity. All of the modification […]

Shipping Containers to house gas turbine machinery

Centrax Gas Turbines commissioned S Jones Containers to custom build three containers to house system upgrade machinery and equipment for a project in Croatia.  Assembly and testing of the units took place at the Centrax headquarters in the UK and were shipped ready for installation – saving time at site and minimising disruption for the […]

Secure storage solutions for Cricket Club

A couple of our 20ft containers are taking pride of place at a Cricket Club in Surrey. After the owner had experienced a number of break-ins, he decided to purchase two shipping containers and add extra security with our patented Contain-A-Lock padlock protector.  He then purpose built a wooden enclosure around the containers to disguise them.  […]

Our brand new website is now live!

Now you can buy our ‘single-trip’ new containers online any day of the week, at any time of the day!  You’ll receive the same great products and service you’ve come to expect from S Jones but now at any time that suits you! Click here to shop now!  

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