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Shipping Container Dimensions

Detailed information on the dimensions and specifications of our shipping containers in all standard sizes in both metric and imperial measurements

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Our Detailed Guide To Standard Container Sizes

We’re committed to helping each and every one of our customers find the right size for their shipping container hiresale and conversion needs. To help you in your research, here is our detailed guide to standard container dimensions.

Standard sizes include 8ft containers10ft containers, 20ft containers and 40ft containers, but if you prefer to not work in imperial measurements, you can also find shipping container sizes in metric units.

Find out what is the largest size on offer and check if the shipping container is right for your project by reviewing it’s capacity.

The dimensions below are given as accurately as possible but may vary depending on the manufacturer – any necessary steps taken towards conversion will also impact this.

The height of our shipping containers is given for both standard and high cube containers, to demonstrate the added height benefit of these non-standard products.

Please note: Refrigerated or insulated containers have smaller internal dimensions than those stated below.

Know exactly what you need? Find detailed specifications and all the information by visiting our container hire or container sales pages.

Standard External Container Dimensions (Imperial)

Container Length8ft10ft20ft30ft40ft
Container Width7ft 1in8ft8ft8ft8ft
Container Height (standard)7ft 5in8ft 6in8ft 6in8ft 6in8ft 6in
Container Height (high cube)9ft 6in9ft 6in9ft 6in9ft 6in

Standard Internal Container Dimensions (Imperial)

Container Length8ft10ft20ft30ft40ft
Internal Length7ft 6in9ft 2in19ft 3in29ft 4in39ft 4in
Internal Width6ft 11in7ft 7in7ft 7in7ft 7in7ft 9in
Internal Height (standard)6ft 8in7ft 9in7ft 9in7ft 9in7ft 7in
Internal Height (high cube)-8ft 9ins8ft 9ins8ft 9ins8ft 9ins
End Door Aperture Width6ft 10insas req.7ft 6ins7ft 6ins7ft 6ins
End Door Aperture Height (standard)6ft 4insas req.7ft 5ins7ft 5ins7ft 5ins
End Door Aperture Height (high cube)-as req.8ft 5ins8ft 5ins8ft 5ins
Floor Area51sq ft72sq ft150sq ft227sq ft305sq ft
Cubic capacity (standard)348cu ft560cu ft1160cu ft1760cu ft2360cu ft
Cubic capacity (high cube)-630cu ft1310cu ft1985cu ft2660cu ft
Weight1 tons1.5 tons2.4 tons3.2 tons4 tons

Standard External Container Dimensions (Metric)

Container Length2.42m (8ft)3.05 (10ft)6.06m (20ft)9.12m (30ft)12.19m (40ft)
Container Width2.17m2.44m2.44m2.44m2.44m
Container Height (standard)2.26m2.59m2.59m2.59m2.59m
Container Height (high cube)-2.89m2.89m2.89m2.89m

Standard Internal Container Dimensions (Metric)

Container Length2.42m (8ft)3.05 (10ft)6.06m (20ft)9.12m (30ft)12.19m (40ft)
Internal Length2.28m2.80m5.87m8.93m12.00m
Internal Width2.10m2.33m2.33m2.33m2.33m
Internal Height (standard)2.04m2.35m2.35m2.35m2.35m
Internal Height (high cube)-2.65m2.65m2.65m2.65m
End Door Aperture Width2.09mas req.2.28m2.28m2.28m
End Door Aperture Height (standard)1.94mas req.2.26m2.26m2.26m
End Door Aperture Height (high cube)-as req.2.56m2.56m2.56m
Floor Area4.78m26.69m213.93m221.09m228.33m2
Cubic capacity (standard)9.28m315.89m332.85m349.84m366.83m3
Cubic capacity (high cube)-17.84m337.09m356.21m375.32m3
Weight1.02 tonnes1.52 tonnes2.44 tonnes3.25 tonnes


Container Dimensions – Imperial
Detailed dimensions for shipping containers in 8ft, 10ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft in imperial units
Container Dimensions – Metric
Detailed dimensions for shipping containers in 8ft, 10ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft in metric units
Buyer’s Guide
Everything you need to make an informed decision when buying an S Jones shipping container

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