Computer Aided Design

Here at S Jones, we are equipped with advanced CAD capabilities offering the ability to see a virtual representation of your final product, be it container conversions, general fabrications or container enhancements.

Once your general specification has been agreed, our dedicated 3D CAD design team will create a CAD model so that you can be sure the layout is right and see what the unit will look like once complete. Our manufacturing team will then take that drawing and ensure that every louvre, air conditioning unit or aperture is situated ready for your equipment to sit inside its new, secure and transportable turnkey container enclosure.

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Our CAD capabilities provide our customers with validation of form, fit and function prior to build.

  • Digital Prototyping
  • Validation of design ideas
  • Accelerated development of products without the requirement of prototypes ensuring your product remains competitive
  • Accurate design decisions can be made without the building of prototypes reducing costs and time
  • Improves design communication
  • Reduces error whilst delivering designs quickly and easily
  • What is CAD? Computer Aided Design – A 3D computer based design tool used to draw a bespoke customer design and providing a full, editable visualisation of materials, processes, dimensions and tolerances.


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The service I received was truly excellent, the containers are needed as storage due to the fact we are improving our Warehouse facilities, the delivery driver was courteous and extremely helpful due to the restrictions we are currently experiencing in our yard due to the works being carried out here. On my behalf please thank everybody involved in the help we have received in this matter.

C.G, Bakeries, Maidstone, Kent