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40ft Containers for Sale

Looking to send large shipments or need substantial storage space, our 40ft shipping containers are the largest standard size available.

Fit for the same purposes as smaller models without compromising on space, these units offer excellent value.

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Our 40ft containers

40ft containers

40ft Containers Options

General Specifications

Floor Area
305sqft (28.33m²)
Cubic Capacity
2360 cu ft (66.83m³)
4 tons (4.06 tonnes)

External Dimensions

40ft (12.19m)
8ft (2.44m)
8ft 6ins (2.59m)

Internal Dimensions

39ft 4ins (12.00m)
7ft 7ins (2.33m)
7ft 9ins (2.35m)

Low Cost, Competitive Prices

We sell and rent new and great quality second hand units ideal for shipping, providing secure storage, and as a basis for large conversion projects.

Get the most from your storage unit with a range of additional container accessories that improve; security, access, storage capacity, condensation control and increase wind and watertight properties.

Our full range of 40ft containers for sale are suitable for a range of applications including self‐storage sites nationwide.

40ft Shipping Container Features:

  • Welded all‐steel construction except for the heavy‐duty flooring combined with a 40ft load capacity of up to 66 cubic meters.
  • Two weather‐sealed steel doors at one end
  • Freestanding, self‐contained units
  • Lifting points at each corner

We also stock 40ft high cube alternatives, which are available here.

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Why Buy From Us?

  • We are based in the West Midlands, with storage depots available nationwide.
  • All new 40ft shipping containers are supplied with a valid CSC plate. This means they are valid for shipping for up to 5 years.*
  • Constructed to the standards set by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) of size, strength and durability.
  • The largest standard unit available, weatherproof, wind and watertight, and highly secure.
  • Finance options available – to make buying your shipping containers easier

Conversion Opportunities

  • Our 40ft shipping containers can be adapted and converted for various applications.
  • We can design and modify your purchase into; industrial enclosures, refrigerated units, insulated units, modular buildings, offices, exhibition displays, housing, changing rooms and more.
  • We also offer a large range of accessories such as lockboxes, shelving systems and padlocks to ensure that your storage is safe and secure at all times.
  • Find out more about our conversions and painting ‐ including our 3D Computer Aided Design service.

Andrew’s Recommendations

40ft shipping containers are a looooong tube (not quite 12m).  You only want to use a 40ft container if you don’t need to get at things in the far end before the items at the doors end.  The reason is that you lose a lot of your space with a corridor to get from one end to the other.

Therefore, 40ft shipping containers are generally preferred for large volume stock-holding, possibly palletised, that is moved in bulk.  For extra cubic capacity ‘high cube’ versions are widely available that give you an extra 300mm (1 foot) of height.  Ask our sales people to go through the difference and benefits when you speak to them.

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What fits in a 40ft container?

Our 40ft shipping units are 39ft 4” long x 7ft 7” wide x 7ft 9” high and   can hold the household goods of a 3-bedroom house or apartment. This includes the contents of rooms, as well as larger appliances. Bath fixtures, washing machines, a piano, extra mattresses and more all fit comfortably in the 305 square feet of storage space available.

How much space do I need for a 40ft container delivery?

You will require a minimum width of 15ft to access the site and approx. 24ft for offloading (plus the width of the unit). Our 40ft containers are offloaded to the side of the vehicle. It’s important that we have considered the amount of space you need for delivery and our friendly hire team can assist with this.  If you can provide any relevant photos, videos and dimensions and we will be happy to devise a delivery plan.  Please contact us on 0808 115 3710

How much does a 40ft container weigh?

The empty weight of a 40ft container is 4 tons.

Unlock the Potential of a 40ft Container Today!

Whether you’re enhancing your self-storage, embarking on a move, or envisioning a unique container conversion, our team is ready to guide you through every step. Benefit from our rapid UK-wide delivery, expert advice, and bespoke modifications to meet your exact needs.

Fill in the quote form now for a personalised, no-obligation quote and see how we can help bring your project to life with ease and efficiency.

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