Refurbished Shipping Containers

Second-hand containers are a more affordable alternative to one-trip containers. If you need a secure storage solution but don’t want the expense of a brand new container, we offer refurbished used containers that look almost as good as new, and last just as long.

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21st Jan 2022

Service was excellent from order to delivery. Second order and will use again

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14th Jan 2022

arrived exactly as agreed and the driver contacted us to announce when he would get there. He was polite and accomodating

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14th Jan 2022

Ordered our containers from S Jones as we have used them before and found them to be meticulous regarding delivery and site location. The price was competitive and the containers are fine. I would use this company again!

Renovated Shipping Containers – Secure Storage at 75% of the Cost

If you have a lower budget but still need a reliable storage solution, you can purchase a renovated container from S Jones.  While these used containers will have travelled more than one-trip containers and will naturally have more dents and rust patches, our painting and renovation services can have them looking almost as good as new for  just 75% of the cost.

Those looking to purchase used containers will often find that they come in a range of colours and may have large shipping decals on them, making them unsuitable for storage on certain sites, or generally unsightly.

That’s why we offer our affordable and popular re-painting service to our customers. We utilise our professional container spray-painting booth at our main depot in Aldridge to achieve excellent results that speak for themselves.  See our recent renovations and customisations below:

Your Container: Before and After

Refurbished Shipping Containers For Sale

Our custom painting service improves the appearance and longevity of your used container, which is especially important if you utilise it for events or as the centre of your business.

Our friendly team of experts can advise you of the most cost-effective method of painting your container.

Wide range of sizes

Our refurbished shipping containers are fit for purpose. Both watertight and secure, they are the perfect solution to your storage needs, at a lower cost than that of a one-trip container.

We have a range of sizes available from 10ft to 40ft and we stock standard and high cube varieties. We offer fast delivery nationwide using experienced hauliers from depots local to you.

Professional painting

Using our bespoke, purpose-built paint booth and high-quality paint, we offer a high-quality painting service for containers. Utilising high-quality paint, we are able to add an extra level of protection to your renovated container. This will aid in slowing down any corrosion, and has the potential to improve the lifespan of your container. We offer various painting options in accordance with your budget and durability.

Secure containers

We stock and supply a wide range of useful accessories to help you maximise the potential of your container. Our patented Contain-A-Lock padlock protector and lock is the perfect container security solution, contact our team today to discuss additional accessories that can maximise the potential of your container.

Green Container Corner View

Why Buy a Renovated Shipping Container From S Jones?

Not everyone needs a one-trip container for their purposes. For most, a renovated used container will be just as fit for their purposes, but 25% less expensive. At S Jones, all of our renovated storage and shipping containers are sold in line with the high standards we have maintained over our 40 years’ experience. Your refurbished container will be:

  • Wind and watertight
  • Structurally sound
  • An excellent investment and value for money
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