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Flat Pack Containers

Flat pack containers are convenient and cost-efficient to transport. They can be used for a variety of temporary and permanent storage solutions, as well as transport applications.

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Flat Pack Containers

Our flat pack steel containers are ideal for providing secure temporary or permanent storage on site.

The flat pack storage container frame is made from solid steel which is designed to be both lightweight and durable. Our selection of flat pack containers ranges from general storage units through to insulated units for storing more sensitive items

Flat Pack Steel Containers Are Quick & Easy To Assemble

Flat pack storage containers can be assembled quickly and easily making them the ideal option for confined spaces. Your flat-pack container will arrive at your site supplied with all the components needed for full assembly.

Units must be assembled on a level, sturdy surface and are fully-mobile once assembled. You can contact our friendly team of advisors if you would like support with assembling a flat pack storage container.

Other Container Options

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8ft Container

  • Floor Area: 51 sq ft (4.78m²)
  • Cubic Capacity: 348 cu ft (9.28m³)
  • Weight: 1 ton (1.02 tonnes)
Square blue container bars on doors

10ft Container

  • Floor Area: 72sqft (6.69m²)
  • Cubic Capacity: 560 cu ft (15.89m³)
  • Weight: 1.5 tons (1.52 tonnes)
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Front view of 10ft HC container with stickers

10ft High Cube Container

  • Floor Area: 72sqft (6.69m²)
  • Cubic Capacity: 630cu ft (17.84m³)
  • Weight: 1.5 tons (1.52 tonnes)
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20ft plain blue container

20ft Container

  • Floor Area: 150sqft (13.93m²)
  • Cubic Capacity: 1160 cu ft (32.85m³)
  • Weight:  2.4 tons (2.4 tonnes)
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20ft HC with vertical bars on doors

20ft High Cube Container

  • Floor Area: 150sqft (13.93m²)
  • Cubic Capacity: 1310cu ft (37.09m³)
  • Weight: 2.4 tons (2.4 tonnes)
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Light blue 40ft container

40ft Container

  • Floor Area: 305sqft (28.33m²)
  • Cubic Capacity: 2360 cu ft (66.83m³)
  • Weight: 4 tons (4.06 tonnes)
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40ft Blue High Cube container

40ft High Cube Container

  • Floor Area: 305sqft (28.33m²)
  • Cubic Capacity: 2660cu ft (75.32m3)
  • Weight: 4 tons (4.06 tonnes)
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20ft plain blue container


Cargo door at one end.

This is the familiar double door configuration with both opening from the middle.

Light blue container no background doors open


Cargo doors at both ends.

Sometimes you need access from both ends of a container. This can either be a single/personnel, double (cargo), or combination.

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Side Opener

Opening on their longest side.

Side opening containers allow easier loading of large items and are best suited to site storage of bulky items, for exhibiting or use as a stall.


Protect your padlock and container with our patented Contain-A-Lock’® Padlock Protector Shroud.

CISA Locks

Enhance your container’s security with our CISA container padlocks.


Enhance your container with tamper proof, high security container windows fitted prior to spec before delivery.

Personnel Doors

Make accessing your container more convenient with high security personnel doors.


Compartmentalise your container with varied partition options for multiple uses.

Professional Painting

Flexible options, professional finish, long lasting and durable.


Add louvres, moisture traps or anti condensation coating (Grafotherm).


We can clad your container to your specification.


Self assembly or built-in options.


Improve accessibility with duruable, heavy duty ramps.

Timber Panel Lined

Helps to prevent condensation.

Electrics with Single Phase

Basic small power, single pahse electronics typically includes external connection, RCD board, light(s) etc to meet your requirements.

Electrics 3 Phase Options

Provide your power requirements and we will spec to suit.

Flat Pack Container Dimensions

Our flat pack containers are built from solid steel and designed to offer the highest levels of durability and security.

Each flat pack container comes with a weather-sealed steel door frame & door panels, which can be fitted anywhere on the unit.

Flat Pack Container Accessories

We stock a wide range of accessories to help you maximise function and extend the life of your storage container. Our container accessories focus on improving the following aspects of your container: security, functionality, insulation, accessibility, capacity. Some of our most popular container accessories include lockboxes, shelving systems, and container padlocks.

These extras will help to ensure that your storage containers are secure at all times. You can view our full range of accessories by visiting our container accessories page.

Flat Pack Storage Containers For Sale

We offer a large selection of new flat pack storage containers made from high-quality solid steel. These can be delivered to you throughout the UK mainland.

Our specialist team is always available to help you purchase the most suitable container(s) that will suit your shipping or storage requirements. If a flat pack container is not the best option, then we offer a large selection of other containers in various sizes.

Our expert team has 40 years of experience in supplying storage containers to businesses and individuals across the UK. Our specialist team of advisors is always on hand to answer any questions and help you find a container for hire or purchase that will meet your requirements. You can also visit our container buyers guide page for more information on the different container options available.


Container Buyer’s Guide

Everything you need to make an informed decision when buying an S Jones shipping container.


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