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General Questions

What is the difference between new and used containers?

A “new” or “single-trip” container is basically a container that has been manufactured in China. To keep the cost down, we offer the containers to shipping lines to be used once to carry cargo from the Far East back to the UK. Once the cargo has been emptied, the unit is then returned empty back to our depot. A “used” or “second hand” container is an ex-service shipping line unit that has been retired from their fleet which is now dedicated primarily to storage usage. The “used” containers we have are all A1 grade (wind and watertight).

Can you stack containers?

Yes, and we can supply the interlocking twist locks to comply with health & safety regulations.

How many pallets can I store in a container?

As a general guideline only, you can usually fit a total of 10 pallets on the floor of a 20ft container dependant on the size of your pallets. (To be sure please check our container dimensions page for clarification).

How much does a container cost

The cost of buying a container depends on many factors such as their age and size, whether any accessories have been fitted or modifications made and the delivery charge. It is not possible to publish a price list as costs vary with changes in the container market and delivery. Click here to read our guide on shipping container price list.

Buy or Hire?

Do you have Shipping Containers for Sale?

We supply shipping containers for sale that range from 10ft to 40ft containers. We pride ourselves in our unparalleled service to supply only the finest used and new shipping containers at competitive prices. In addition to the sale of shipping containers we provide a wide range of accessories and services.

Looking for shipping container hire?

We provide you with all your container needs. Whether you require the hire of storage or shipping containers, we have them in stock and ready to transport out to you. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled service to supply only the finest used and new containers at competitive prices. You can hire a 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, and/or 40ft container that comes as standard, insulated or refrigerated.

Why should I buy a container from S Jones Containers?

We exist for our customers, who we enjoy working with on a friendly and personal basis.

You will not find a more approachable team of people who always put you first in the quest for your satisfaction.

Much of our business is repeat business; our customers just keep coming back to buy shipping containers from us.  They also come to S Jones for storage and conversion container solutions.  Please contact us with your specific sales and hire requirements – or phone 0808 159 5339.

Looking for Container Storage?

We offer a specific container storage facility for both home and business use in the West Midlands area located in Aldridge and West Bromwich.

Can we purchase containers we have either rented or hired?

Yes, we are always happy to discuss the sale of containers you have rented or hired, all prices will be subject to the used container market at that time, the condition of the container and transport cost implications.

Do you provide second hand containers?

Yes, we supply you second hand containers for sale, hire and storage. Sizes range from 10ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft containers. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled service to supply only the finest second hand containers at competitive prices.

Will you buy back containers previously purchased from you?

Yes, we are always happy to discuss the buy back of containers previously purchased. All prices will be subject to the second hand container market at that time, the condition of the container and transport cost implications.

Can you create a custom shipping container?

Yes, a standard shipping container has such a good basic design that it can be converted into many custom uses. It can be lined, insulated, fitted with additional doors, windows and electrics. It can also be shortened to fit a specific space or use and can be modified/ converted to a host of modular uses.


Can you lift over obstructions?

This can be arranged by way of contract lift utilising specialised cranes and a site specific Risk Assessment will be required to determine crane size.

Can the storage container be positioned on any surface?

Care must be taken with this. All surfaces where the container is to be sited must be flat hard standing. The loaded weight of a storage/shipping container is designed to be supported on its 4 bottom corners which need to be level with each other to ensure the container remains square so the doors open and shut easily. The ground at each corner or the whole area must be solid enough to take the required weight and can be concrete, concrete paving slabs, railway sleepers, a firm stone surface or similar.

Can you offload from rear of vehicle?

It can be arranged but may carry a surcharge.

Do you deliver to any accessible location and include off-loading?

If you buy a shipping container and require immediate use of it as soon as it is delivered, don’t worry. We offer industry-leading container delivery project management services to ensure everything goes according to plan when a large, crane-equipped vehicle arrives on site.

As part of this, we provide a complete transport and delivery service, including the lift-off and positioning the container just where you want it.

We can provide a transferral service if you require changing the container’s location, and we provide a no-hassle collection service when a container is off hired.

We only use experienced and proven transport services that are reliable and helpful at the most important time, ensuring your container is positioned and placed as you wish. (If there are technical issues to be considered we can advise you on this as well).

How large will the vehicle delivering my container be?

As an average work on 52ft.

How much room is needed on site to be able to park the vehicle and offload?

An approx width of 24ft is required.

What are the space restrictions where a storage container can be delivered?

Storage containers are usually delivered and lifted to the ground by the lorry’s own crane, parallel to the side of the lorry. To accommodate the width of the truck and the container a space approx 20ft wide will be necessary. The length of space required to offload will depend on the length of the container but up to a single 20ft container will require a space over 25ft long and a 30ft/40ft container over 45ft of space. There must be no overhead restrictions such as cables, or tree branches below 25ft high. The delivery lorry must be able to drive from the highway to the off loading point which must be accessible and over solid ground with no restrictions such as drains. It is sometimes possible to offload over a low hedge or wall but this must be discussed and agreed with us in advance of the delivery.

Will one of your storage containers be large enough to take my goods?

To enable you to assess the available space in one of our storage containers the internal dimensions, floor area, cubic capacity and end door aperture sizes of 8ft, 10ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft containers are listed on our standard container dimensions page.

Do you provide container shipping abroad?

No, but we can put you in touch with international shipping agents who can arrange for your container to be shipped abroad.

Can containers we hire or purchase from you be moved when loaded?

Not normally as a storage container, but please talk to us if you need to do this.

Can we visit your depot to view and pick our containers?

Yes, we welcome visitors to our premises for this purpose. See our Depot Map to see where our nationwide depots are located.

Do you arrange site surveys to cover lorry access, container siting, etc?

Yes, this can be arranged for a small charge.


Are there condensation problems with steel containers?

Container condensation problems can sometimes occur depending on what is stored, the atmospheric humidity and temperature changes. All containers have a degree of ventilation which is usually sufficient but if considered necessary we can supply an anti-condensation coating to the inside roof of the container that prevents droplets of condensation forming, we can also supply moisture traps and drying crystals. Containers can also be fitted with a lining.

Can our container be a specific colour of our choice?

The new and used containers we have in stock will be a variety of colours. If the colour you require is not available we can spray paint the container whatever RAL or BS colour you need. Unless otherwise specified we use a high specification marine paint system on all re-sprays.

Do you sell fireproof shipping containers?

No, containers are not 100% fireproof. However, our containers are manufactured from steel and marine ply-wood so they are very resistant to fire but as we all know with enough extreme heat anything will burn.

What is the expected service life of a container?

This depends on the use of the container. However, shipping containers are designed and manufactured to cope with a long and arduous life moving goods around the world. As such, they are very sturdy and secure. A used container will usually have been in international operation for in excess of 10 years and sometimes longer but depending on your use, depending on its location and reasonable maintenance it is not unreasonable to expect a further 10 plus years of use. New containers will have completed one journey from their country of manufacture and with reasonable use and maintenance can be expected to complete over 30 years as a storage container.

What materials are your containers manufactured from?

Our containers are manufactured from steel and marine ply-wood flooring.


Do I need planning permission for shipping container homes?

Storage containers are considered to be temporary structures and so would not normally need planning permission. However, we advise being sensitive to the local environment, for instance we can supply green containers for countryside areas. If you are in doubt it may be prudent to check with your local authority.

Can you supply an ISO Container?

Yes, we can supply you an ISO container for sale and / or hire. Sizes range from 10ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft containers. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled service to supply only the finest used and new ISO containers at competitive prices. For Information on Container Hire Click Here or for more information on Container Sales Click Here. In addition to the sale and hire of an ISO container we provide a wide range of accessories and services.

Can you supply Sea Containers?

Yes, we can supply Sea Containers for sale, hire and storage. Sea containers range from 10ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft containers. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled service to supply only the finest second hand and new Sea containers at competitive prices.

Difference between differently described containers ie. Cargo, Freight & ISO containers?

Basically there is no difference. All of our containers, unless they have been modified, are new or used ISO shipping containers originally designed and manufactured to specific international ISO standards. These design and manufacturing standards ensure the containers can safely withstand the rigours of international trade for many years whilst keeping their contents safe, dry and secure on land, sea, truck and train.

What is a sea container?

A sea container is a standard-sized rectangular box used to transport freight by ship, rail and highway. International shipping containers can range from 10ft to 40ft long and must conform to the international Standards Organisation (ISO) standards. Plus sea containers are specifically designed to fit in a ships’ hold. For a sea container to be used for international shipping it is required to have a current CSC certificate which should be provided by the supplier for this purpose. When purchasing a container for any purpose today caution should be exercised as many containers in the market are not true sea shipping containers. We personally do not ship containers abroad, but we are CSC certified and we can put you in touch with international shipping agents who can arrange this for you.

What are Freight Shipping Containers?

Freight shipping containers are standard-sized rectangular boxes used to transport freight by ship, rail and highway. International shipping containers can range from 10ft to 40ft long and must conform to the international Standards Organisation (ISO) standards. Plus, they are specifically designed to fit in a ship hold.

Do you offer Site Storage?

We sell and hire storage containers used for site storage on your site. View our Container Products pages. We also offer self-storage on our sites in Aldridge, Walsall, West Midlands and West Bromwich, West Midlands, view our Self Storage pages.

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30th Jun 2021

Having never ordered a shipping container before Scott couldn't be more helpful…or patient! The ordering process was easy, even for me and the communications were first class. Charlotte was very attentive and professional when it came to confirming delivery details. The container arrived as expected, when expected. The entire process from quote to delivery was flawless. Our newly painted container now proudly sits, waiting to be loaded! Thank you all.

30th Jun 2021

The staff at S Jones containers are extremely efficient, friendly and helpful. We have ordered a number of containers from them and on every occasion their service has been excellent. Their containers are competitively priced and the quality of the conversion into self storage units if of high quality

14th Jun 2021

Friendly and helpful service , despite us being new customers and only every likely to place one order with them.

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