Container Painting

Using our purpose-built paint booth and high-quality paint, we offer an expert painting service containers and bespoke units.





Before and after example of container painting showing what a difference a coat of paint can make!

Professional Shipping Container Spray Painting

Our large paint booth enables high quality painting of containers and larger units. The booth features filtered and heated air to create a perfect environment for paint application, and temperature-controlled baking cycles for paint finishing.

Utilising high-quality paint adds an extra level of protection between your steel container and the elements. This will aid in slowing down any corrosion, and can improve the lifespan of your container. 

This custom painting will also improve the appearance of the container, which is especially important if you utilise the container for events or as the centre of your business.

We are able to apply single and two pack products of varying types.

We offer various painting options in accordance with your budget and durability. We can advise you on the most cost-effective method of painting your new or used container.

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Extremely helpful and fast service. Will definitely use again and would be happy to recommend you guys.

Christian - 17th February 2020

Hire, Biotechnology company, Plymouth

Quick, friendly and good value for money.

Damian - 16th February 2020

Hire, Construction company, Stafordshire