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Latest Reviews

Recently purchased a container , throughout the transaction I found everything done was in a professional and timely manner. Regards Tony Devereux

Tony - 19th June 2018

Sale, Sports Centre, Chesterfield

Pleasant staff Quick delivery Container put into position perfectly Very satisfied

Ross - 19th June 2018

Sale, Farm, Birmingham

I was made welcome on site and given a very informative tour of the site and the different types of containers available to suit every need, I was able to choose the colour I wanted and was given a delivery date to suit me . the delivery was dead on time at my location and the delivery driver was very helpful and safe with the unloading and positioning of the container and making sure that the doors on the container opened without having to use force.I would recommend this company to any body

Bryan - 18th June 2018

Sale, British Legion, Shrewsbury

Well from the moment I started talking to Charlotte regarding the purchase of a container I was very impressed, excellent service, friendly, extremely helpful. Would happily recommend S Jones Containers to anyone looking to purchase one. Gareth (Director) - Clever Connections Ltd

Gareth - 7th June 2018

Sale, Event Planner, Worcestershire

Great prompt service

Sean - 6th June 2018

Sale, Self Storage facility, Wiltshire

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Hi Sean, We try and adhere to customer delivery requests but unfortunately your request was outside of our control as we rely on availability from 3rd party hauliers. We do normally work on a delivery turn around of 5-7 working days which we were just outside of based on order date, but inside this time frame based on payment date. We have looked back on the Account Manager's notes and can see everything was done to try and get the unit delivered quickly but 5th June was the earliest availability, but be assured we did try our best. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. Kindest regards Sarah Green Sales Manager, S Jones Containers Ltd

We are a small dog training club and needed a secure unit in which to keep our agility equipment. We bought a new 20ft container from S. Jones Containers who were so helpful to us and what was more or less a military manoeuvre to get this container delivered, and put into its new position, became just a bit more than a piece of cake! Rachel at S.Jones was so nice to deal with, the haulier was more than helpful and certainly knew his stuff on where to drop the container and he delivered promptly and quickly. It was a pleasure to do business with you.

Sue - 1st June 2018

Sale, Dog Training Centre, Solihull

Staff very good in Office on the sale team and delivery driver was also a great man got the container into a tight spot

Garry - 1st June 2018

Sale, Saddle Manufacturer, Walsall

Good prices, prompt delivery, personal service. Thank you once again Country Storage Ltd

Alison - 31st May 2018

Sale, Farm, Preston

Needed a container in a hurry. Contacted S Jones on the Tuesday and the container I wanted was in my yard in Scotland by Friday morning. They have the best choice, best website, best service and best price. Whats not to like. Highly recommended

John - 31st May 2018

Sale, Machinery Parts, Glasgow

Excellent and quick assistance and service from Rachel Rogers. Good price. Great container as requested. Delivered as promised. No problems at all. SUPERB. Thank you.

Mark - 31st May 2018

Sale, Private Individual, Coventry