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Latest Reviews

supplied what was required, on time, hassle free and reasonable value for money.

Jim - 11th January 2018

Sale, Private Individual, Cumbria

At short notice S Jones found me the container I needed and even arranged same day delivery, (better than Amazon!) My client had failed in getting the container they wanted but I was able to succeed for them thanks to S Jones

Rob - 11th January 2018

Sale, Freight Forwarder, Manchester

On time delivery

Pete - 10th January 2018

Hire, Stairlift Installation company, Walsall

Our container needed to be a certain size S Jones containers arranged for this to be done. the container arrived on time with a very experienced crane handler excellent service in all

Sian - 21st December 2017

Sale, School, Cardiff

Super container, delivered safely and promptly.

Val - 14th December 2017

Sale, Village Hall, Bridgend

We bought a 20foot one trip container it looks brand new. Delivery went perfect the driver was very helpful he didn't rush the unloading and put it exactly where we wanted it.

Alan - 14th December 2017

Sale, Fence Contractor, Northamptonshire

Very helpful at point of sale. All questions answered promptly and deal done. Wrong colour choice turned up but green is ok. Delivery driver very helpful Now only got to put it into position somewhere in the garden. Loaded onto oak skids expected to tow it with tractor Probably need tracked digger as my Massey 35 digs itself into the ground. Very happy with it and the service.

Jon - 14th December 2017

Sale, Private Individual, Hereford

Exceptional care to detail and good communication with pleasant staff interaction.

Alan - 6th December 2017

Sale, Council, Carmarthenshire

answered all our questions and information and service very good

Mike - 5th December 2017

Sale, Logistics company, Essex

The service and communication was excellent, they took care of everything and even telephoned the day after delivery to check it all went ok. Excellent service.

Gary - 24th November 2017

Sale, Private Individual, Leicester