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30ft Shipping Containers

Purchasing one of our 30ft  containers offers security and weatherproof protection, ideal for storing large items. Made from steel, our 30ft storage containers are custom-created by our in-house workshop who cut and shunt a 40ft shipping container. This means you retain all the original walls and corner posts. 


Explore new and used 30ft containers, available at depots across the UK. With fast delivery across the UK and competitive pricing, we’ve got the perfect shipping container solution for your next project.

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Custom-created 30ft Containers

We manufacture our 30ft containers by using skills within our in-house workshop to cut and shunt a 40ft storage container. This service is available across the UK and your 30ft container unit can be manufactured to meet your storage requirements. Please note a custom made 30ft container can not be used for shipping. 

Our specialist team is always available to help you purchase or hire the most suitable container that will match your self-storage or conversion requirements. 

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30ft Shipping Container Specifications

Our 30ft shipping containers are manufactured by cutting down 40ft units The process involves removing the cargo doors and corner posts, cutting out the 10ft section that is no longer required, and fully welding the corner posts and cargo doors back onto the unit, leaving the customer with all the original walls. 

Our containers are:

  • Made from solid steel
  • Fully seamed welded to ensure the highest levels of durability 
  • Weather-sealed steel doors at one end of the unit to allow convenient access and loading.

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Accessories for 30ft shipping containers

We offer a variety of accessories for 30ft shipping containers that will allow you to: 

  • Enhance security with padlocks and protectors
  • Improve functionality with lighting and electrics
  • Add insulation with lining
  • Increase capacity with shelving
  • Improve accessibility with ramps

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Buying 30ft Shipping Containers from S Jones

With over 40 years’ experience, competitive pricing, and nationwide delivery, S Jones is the go-to choice for buying 30ft shipping containers. 

  • Nationwide delivery: Customer-selected delivery times, with delivery by professional-operated crane-fitted lorries
  • Competitive prices: New and used 30ft storage containers, fair prices, and great quality 
  • Depots Across the UK: Accessible sites ensuring fast delivery and customer service
  • Recommended by 98% of customers: The go-to option for 30ft shipping containers needed for business and personal use


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30ft Shipping Container FAQs

What can 30ft shipping containers be used for?

Although they are restricted to empty lifting only (given they’re cut down from 40ft shipping containers), 30ft storage containers can be used for a number of applications once they are set up at their destination. 

Common uses include storage solutions, construction site offices, mobile workshops, pop-up shops, temporary housing, and modular building blocks for larger structures.

Some of our previous clients have successfully converted 30ft storage containers into steel offices, temporary bars, and other bespoke conversions. However, if you are looking for a conversion project, one of our other units may be more suitable, as their structure is slightly more durable having been built to size.

For more information on the storage containers available, visit our container buyers guide page or contact our friendly advisors to discuss your storage container requirements.

Can I rent a 30ft shipping container?

Yes, we offer rental services for 30ft shipping containers. Renting can be a good option if you only need a storage unit for a temporary period. However, if you’re looking for a more permanent solution, we offer competitive pricing on 30ft shipping containers.

Are 30ft containers weatherproof?

Yes, containers are built to be weatherproof. Made from steel, they can handle harsh weather conditions and other challenges that may occur during transportation and storage. In order to maintain this durability, it’s important to ensure the container is properly sealed to prevent water or moisture from getting in.

Complete Guide to Buying Shipping Containers

With so many sizes, options, and accessories, buying a shipping container can be a daunting process. Our shipping container buying guide will make it easy for you, with a comprehensive overview of:

  • The difference between types of containers
  • Container security
  • Prepping your space for delivery
  • Maintaining your container

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James – Review
17th Oct 2017

They had what I wanted at a price that I wanted to pay!

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Chris – Review
13th Sep 2016

Firstly I think that the cost of the unit we bought was good value. The information pack and instructions were very clear so I knew what I had to do to prepare the site. The communication was excellent. The delivery was on the correct day, and the driver was very good. He was helpful and polite and dropped the container exactly where we wanted it. The container itself is in very good newly painted condition with an excellent lock that will deter the local hooligans. All in all it was a very rewarding experience and we now plan to acquire another container. Ten out of ten!

star star star star star
Jo – Review
7th Jul 2015

Great communication via email, very friendly staff, easy booking and arrived 5 days later with no problems whatsoever. Highly recommend.

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John T – Review
3rd Feb 2015

Overall good experience. Very helpful in the office. Had container painted and quality was good. Delivery made on time

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