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20ft Container Hire

Our 20ft containers for hire are an ideal temporary storage solution for businesses and households. Explore our range of 20-foot storage containers, with fast delivery and collection throughout the UK from our convenient local depots.

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20 ft containers available for hire

Front view of 10ft HC container with stickers

10ft High Cube

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20ft plain blue container


  • Floor Area: 150sqft (13.93m²)
  • Cubic Capacity: 1160 cu ft (32.85m³)
  • Weight: 2.4 tons (2.4 tonnes)
20ft HC with vertical bars on doors

20ft High Cube

  • Floor area:: 150 sqft (13.93m²)
  • Cubic capacity: : 1310cu ft (37.09m³)
  • Weight: : 2.4 tons (2.4 tonnes)
40ft Blue High Cube container

40ft High Cube

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Square blue container bars on doors


Cargo door at one end.

This is the familiar double door configuration with both opening from the middle.

Light blue container no background doors open


Cargo doors at both ends.

Sometimes you need access from both ends. This can either be a single/personnel, double (cargo), or combination.

Light blue container no background

Side Opener

Opening on their longest side.

Side opening units allow easier loading of large items and are best suited to site storage of bulky items, for exhibiting or use as a stall.


Protect your padlock with our patented Contain-A-Lock’® Padlock Protector Shroud.

CISA Locks

Enhance your security with our CISA padlocks.


Enhance your security with tamper proof, high security windows fitted prior to spec before delivery.

Personnel Doors

Make access more convenient with high security personnel doors.


Compartmentalise your unit with varied partition options for multiple uses.

Professional Painting

Flexible options, professional finish, long lasting and durable.


Add louvres, moisture traps or anti condensation coating (Grafotherm).


We can clad to your specification.


Self assembly or built-in options.


Improve accessibility with duruable, heavy duty ramps.

Timber Panel Lined

Helps to prevent condensation.

Electrics with Single Phase

Basic small power, single pahse electronics typically includes external connection, RCD board, light(s) etc to meet your requirements.

Electrics 3 Phase Options

Provide your power requirements and we will spec to suit.


Note – all given dimensions are approximate:

General Specifications

Floor Area 150sqft (13.93m²)
Cubic Capacity 1160 cu ft (32.85m³)
Weight 2.4 tons (2.4 tonnes)

External Dimensions

Length 20ft (6.06m)
Width 8ft (2.44m)
Height 8ft 6ins (2.59m)

Internal Dimensions

Length 19ft 3ins (5.87m)
Width 7ft 7ins (2.33m)
Height 7ft 9ins (2.35m)

End Door Aperture

Height 7ft 5ins (2.26m)
Width 7ft 6ins (2.28m)

Why hire a 20ft container?

Our 20-foot containers are in the middle of our size range. We recommend a 20-foot storage container rental for anyone with:

  • Temporary storage needs 
  • Space on-site for a larger container 
  • Secure, weatherproof storage requirements

Looking for longer-term storage? View our range of 20 ft containers for sale.

Who rents 20ft storage containers?

Our 20-foot storage containers are used by a variety of organisations and individuals for:

  • Mid-sized construction projects
  • Storage during mid-sized home renovations
  • Management of surplus stock

Not the right size for your requirements? See more containers for hire, including compact 10ft containers and our larger 40ft containers for hire.

Blue 20ft Shipping Container

Why hire S Jones Containers?

When you rent a 20ft container from us, you’ll take advantage of:

  • Range of container sizes
  • Expert customer service
  • Flexible hire agreements
  • Reduced delivery costs from our local depots
  • High-quality, weatherproof storage
  • No long term contracts – cancel without a notice period

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Detailed specifications on our 20ft units for hire.


Buyer’s Guide

Everything you need to make an informed decision when buying an S Jones shipping unit.



What fits in a 20ft container?

20ft containers can roughly hold the contents of an average to large 3 bedroom house, with internal dimensions of 19ft 3” long x 7ft 7”wide x 7ft 9” high. These dimensions make them a popular choice with self storage facilities who find them convenient and popular choices for their customer bases.

How much space do I need for a 20ft container delivery?

The minimum width requirement for a 20ft delivery is 15ft to access the site and approximately 24ft for offloading (plus the width of the unit). However, this will depend on the reach required by the crane to successfully deliver your container. Our containers are offloaded to the side of the delivery vehicle. It’s important that we have considered the amount of space you need for delivery and our friendly hire team can assist with this.  If you can provide any relevant photos, videos and dimensions and we will be happy to devise a delivery plan.  Please contact us on 0808 115 3710

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Reviews Of Our 20ft Rentals 4.75/5 from 4 Reviews

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Sarah-Jane – Review
23rd Jul 2019

Great service and great company - very helpful and quick service, no problems with delivery and siting the containers.

star star star star
Jo – Review
14th Mar 2019

SJC provided the experience and knowledge to make the purchase and the siting of the container a breeze. Would recommend to first-time buyers - these are the company to speak to!

star star star star star
Jean – Review
26th Nov 2015

As usual the service has been very good. We have a slight problem as the left hand door is very difficult to open and close. Hopefully with use this will ease.

star star star star star
Karen S – Review
30th Oct 2014

Excellent Customer Service, responded to my initial enquiry quickly and efficiently. Everything was done brilliantly from the beginning to the delivery of the container on the day.

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