Everything you need to know about Containers

Containerpedia is an informational page providing details on all containers. Due to their efficient builds and sizes, containers are proving to be the best solution to storage and shipping across the globe. Here at SJ Containers, we have compiled all you need to know when delving into the container industry.


Shipping Container Homes UK Planning Permission Regulations

Investing in a shipping container home offers many benefits. It’s affordable, eco‐friendly, and allows you to create a unique, functional and stylish home for you and your family.

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Storage Container Delivery: What Restrictions Should You Consider?

When having a shipping container delivered on your property, there are a few key things to consider to ensure it goes smoothly. So, to help you prepare for your container’s arrival, we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know about having a storage container delivered.

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What Size Shipping Container Do I Need?

Shipping containers are used to transport goods all around the world. They are sturdy, durable, and provide a reliable way to transport items safely.

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The Difference Between Freight And Shipping

While there are some similarities between freight and shipping, it’s important to note that there are key differences between these two. While both are used to transport bulk goods, various things distinguish the terms.

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How Are Custom Containers Created?

One of the best things about shipping containers is that they can be turned into almost anything given some knowledge and expertise. With enough imagination and skill, a container can be an office, home, pop-up restaurant or extra storage space solution – the applications are nearly limitless.

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