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  • Versatile, high quality, extra space that is cost-effective, straight forward and quick to install
  • Containex is the market leading modular building system for medium to long term use
  • Specialist consultation and advice, including building regulations and guidance
  • Comprehensive after-sales support




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Features and benefits of using S Jones supplied modular buildings

  • Time efficient construction, with minimal on-site alteration or disruption
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible: can be used to create any size of building and adapted for any desired layout, which can be easily changed at any time should requirements change.
  • Fully insulated, fitted and finished by specialist engineers
  • Fully manufactured to high quality standards in an off-site facility to your specifications
  • Delivered and constructed on site by specialist fitters leaving a fully turn-key solution.

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Modular classrooms are very popular solutions for the education sector, and can be found in; nurseries, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities, throughout the UK. Budgets, which are stretched by government pressure to improve facilities and increase yearly intake, leave many education establishments wondering how to create additional classroom space without disrupting day to day operation.

Many schools have substantial outdoor space which is perfect for a modular building. Modular classrooms create a flexible, diverse and comfortable environment for staff and children.

Shipping Container Classroom
Shipping Container Nursery

Modular classrooms or modular nursery buildings benefit from extensive natural lighting, enhanced by custom lighting packages and other classroom furnishings. The external walls can also be painted to match the school’s identity and the modular construction means that they can be used as a single, stand alone, short-term or permanent classroom, or as the base for a complete subject department.

Modular Classrooms:

  • Adhere to current fire regulations
  • Offer bespoke floor layouts
  • Are fully furnished and insulated
  • Can be adapted to include child friendly toilets
  • Have individual internal and external panelling allowing exchangeable wall elements even after installation
  • Are the optimal solution for all budgets

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Shipping Container Classroom

Modular Office Buildings

Modular Building

Modular buildings can also be used to extend an existing office or create a standalone modular office building. Their flexibility offers a solution for an expansive open plan site or just a single room. Growing staff numbers or introducing a new department? Rather than invest in a permanent, costly, long term construction, modular office buildings could be the answer. They can be fully adapted internally and externally to suit the short term or permanent requirements of your organisation.

Companies don’t only make use of modular buildings for office work space. They can also be used for:

  • Break out rooms
  • Canteens
  • Shower blocks
  • Security offices
  • Locker rooms
  • Meeting space

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Shipping Container Classroom


Modular buildings are used for a range of commercial purposes. Our experience across a range of industries means we can provide modular solutions for the following purpose:

  • Modular Retail Space
  • Healthcare clinics
  • Changing rooms
  • Housing and accommodation


To find out more information about modular building specifications, applications, installation and delivery, please read the detailed Containex guides available here and here.

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