Containers Converted Into Mobile Water Treatment Plants

The Customer

Transvac are the World’s leading provider of award-winning Ejector Solutions. Transvac have been using S Jones Containers since 2015.


The Challenge and Solution

Transvac purchase 20ft containers, ready painted in a green RAL colour to match their logo. They used to use containers with a single side opening but have progressed their end product design to include a double open-ended container, allowing them much easier access to both sides for installation and maintenance purposes. As you can see from the photo below, a stud wall is installed into the container so it’s key to have good access both ends.

Converting shipping containers into water treatment plants is yet another demonstration of the huge flexibility of design and delivery from the S Jones Containers team.




Green framework inside container

What Transvac Had To Say

The product we build using an S Jones Container is called the ‘TransPAC’. The TransPAC is a fully mobile, all-in-one, ‘plug and play’ system that doses Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) at a specified rate into water treatment works sites. PAC is used to tackle taste and odour issues, remove pesticides (including the notoriously difficult Metaldyhyde) and algae blooms. The main benefits of having the full system installed into a container are that it is kept secure, vandal resistant, takes up a small amount of space on site, requires no groundwork to install and can be literally picked up and moved elsewhere if problems arise on other sites of a more urgent nature.

Craig Favill, Sales Manager – Transvac Systems

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John – Review


very knowledgeable, helpful & friendly team. Delivered on time & to the correct specification. Thank you.

John – 20th Nov 2020

Ian – Review


Very easy process from start to finish would highly recommend

Ian – 19th Nov 2020

Dave – Review


Very helpful and polite. Delivery was seamless and the containers are in good condition

Dave – 18th Nov 2020

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