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New Containerised Battery Energy Storage Systems Boost Drive to Net Zero

Energy price volatility and pressing net zero targets have challenged businesses around the world to rethink their energy generation and storage regimes. While some are looking to reduce their reliance on the electrical grid, many are keen to transition towards greener sources on that drive towards net zero. Battery storage is a crucial component of this transition, with one pioneering partnership in the world of energy solutions bringing a whole new level of flexibility to energy storage systems.

Having developed its own containerised battery energy storage system, Sheffield-based smart energy solutions specialist, Powerstar needed to count on the expertise of a container conversions specialist capable of matching the company’s own engineering ingenuity. Thankfully, Powerstar soon discovered the S Jones Conversions team, who specialise in shipping container conversion.

The challenge

Like any renewables-driven energy storage system reliant on factors such as temperature control and air quality, the condition and durability of the container is just as important as the performance of the technology housed within. This was a focus for Powerstar, whose battery storage, testing and charging units had issues due to poor sub-contracted manufacture. Put simply, Powerstar tasked our Container conversions team with creating an environment for its batteries to thrive.

Assured by our proven track record of successfully designing and building secure battery storage containers, Powerstar commissioned our specialist engineers for the job. Initially, the team were tasked to convert an existing 40ft container for a battery storage unit from a different supplier after concerns were raised over its build quality.

The expansion

The partnership now creates three different types of converted container for use in battery-led energy applications. From relatively basic battery storage units containing air vents, lined insulation and air conditioning to control temperature, advanced battery testing units comprising fire-rated compartments, gas-sealed doors, BMS integration and 24/7 remote monitoring; the specification of every unit is an improvement on the last.

As a turnkey supplier of containerised battery solutions to other organisations in the energy sector, we have been able to add HVAC installation to the suite of features added to Powerstar’s own units.

The containerised solutions are now being shipped around the UK and beyond to meet growing demand for renewable energy storage and testing. Such is the global ambition of Powerstar, compliance with the International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) is also crucial. To facilitate this, the modifications made by our team are followed by a recertification process to ensure every containerised battery storage system is eligible for international transport.

Since initiating the partnership with us, Powerstar has seen SCF Partners take full ownership of the business and attained additional investment from the existing shareholder. This investment will enable Powerstar to continue scaling the business, positioning the business as leaders in power resilience technology.

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