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Sound Attenuated Container

For when being quiet is a necessity.

If your site must follow specified noise level regulations, S Jones can help. We can provide bespoke sound attenuated containers built to suit your needs.

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Creating a Sound Attenuated Unit

Standard shipping containers are not soundproof. Sound attenuation is achieved with specialised modifications.

Industrial equipment, such as diesel generators, that is stored inside a container can be particularly loud due to the vibrations generated when in operation. This noise is then amplified as often equipment is stored in large open spaces, such as a factory. This is just one example of how large industrial equipment can potentially be in breach of HSE’s Noise Regulations.

Creating a unit that can both operate safely and be sound attenuated means that often bespoke modification of the unit is required.

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005

The HSE’s Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 were put in place to protect people from dangerous exposure to noise.

Employers are required to assess the noise risks to their employees, and take action to reduce the noise exposure that produces those risks. This includes ensuring noisy industrial equipment is housed in a sound attenuated enclosure.

Our Bespoke Containers and Enclosures

Converted Sound Attenuated Containers from S Jones

We have worked with many customers to create sound attenuated storage for industrial equipment.

Thanks to our experienced conversions team, we can design and deliver a bespoke storage solution that complies with your local restrictions, offering peace of mind that your equipment won’t cause any disruption.

For example, our team worked on a container unit for a customer where there were noise restrictions onsite. To accommodate these needs, we fitted a 20ft container unit out with sound attenuation panelling and louvres. In this case, the forced ventilation fan was also silenced.

If you need a sound attenuated container, please discuss your requirements with one of our Technical Engineers.

What Our Customers Say

17th May 2024

Nice easy process and very competitive price.
Great to deal with throughout to delivery.

Thank you.

16th May 2024

good customer service with flow up calls

3rd May 2024

Excellent service from start to finish, requested a modified 20ft container with man door @ opposite end from double doors and the workmanship was excellent.

3rd May 2024

Elisha has been very helpful in my purchases of containers from s Jones. Will continue to buy from s jones

23rd Apr 2024

Excellent service very friendly service

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