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Shipping Container Cladding

When you are using a new or used shipping container for storage or you have given it a new lease of life as a construction, you can help it to blend into its environment – or make it stand out – by adding cladding to the outside of it.

Container Cladding Inspiration

We have a range of cladding options for you to choose from and cladding not only makes your shipping container look great. It also gives it another layer of protection on its outside as well as helping it with insulation.

For more information about the cladding that we offer here at S Jones, get in touch with us and our expert team will be delighted to help.

If you are thinking about adding cladding to your converted shipping container, it is good to have some ideas about what kind of thing that you want.

Most cladding is made from different types of timber or stone, and they can help your construction to blend into a natural environment or match other existing buildings that are around.

The additional barrier can also help to protect your container, reducing the risk of rust or damage, and the extra layer will also help to reduce the amount of cold getting in during the winter, and heat in the summer.

Using Timber for your Container Cladding

Timber is one of our most popular and effective types of cladding. A timber cladding gives your converted shipping container a more natural look whilst still looking smart and sharp. It can be treated to be able to cope well with the weather and is a great insulator.

Wooden cladding is applied to the outside of the shipping container, and the process of adding it consists of attached wooden brackets horizontally around the container and then attaching the timber cladding to these brackets.

Our specialist team can tell you more about the range of timber that we offer here at S Jones, as well as how we carry out the cladding process.

Container Cladding from S Jones

At S Jones we can offer cladding services to all of our new and used shipping containers before they are delivered to you, ensuring that it is looking perfect when it arrives. Our range of cladding means that you will be able to find your ideal cladding that really makes your shipping container construction fit in – or stand out.

Cladding your shipping container is a great option, not just for aesthetic reasons, but also for the extra protection and insulating properties that it can offer, so if you are thinking about cladding your shipping container, why not get in contact with us to see what options you have available?

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