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We operate one of the West Midlands’ largest depots, offering nationwide coverage through our vast network of regional satellite depots. 

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S Jones Container Storage Depot

Our container heritage is well proven – our depot has been in existence since the birth of the modern shipping container in the 1960’s.

Throughout our early years, we were trusted to store new containers from local West Midlands factories when containers were manufactured in the UK, whilst waiting for new container ships to be commissioned out of UK shipyards.

Today, we operate one of the largest West Midland container depots on a 12-acre site in Walsall. We are a ‘common user’ depot with a wide spread of customers who rely on our integrity and quality of service – resulting in 98% of our customers recommending our services.

Our customers include major container shipping lines, container leasing companies, UK and International container sales and rental companies.

We provide the full breadth of container depot services

As anyone in the container storage industry will testify, no two customers have exactly the same service requirements.

We have proven we are fully capable of tailoring our service to your individual needs, including the below.

  • Lifting: we can lift all types of empty containers
  • Storage: our container storage capacity is approximately 4,000 TEU
  • Estimating: we have IICL6 qualified inspectors
  • Repairs/refurbishment/cleaning: to IICL6 or specified customer requirements
  • Reporting: fax, email, ftp and EDI reporting.  Whatever you want to know about your stocks, we will tell you whenever you need to know

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Extremely helpful and professional approach.

Csaba - 23rd January 2020

Sale, Transport company, Dorset

Just as informative and professional as last time ,upbeat and cheerful as only Rachel could be ! An absolute pleasure to do business . Mike Gills Garage and Transport Services

Mike - 20th January 2020

Sale, Transport Services, Wolverhampton