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3 ways to enhance shipping container security

How to keep your shipping container secure?

By their very construction, shipping containers provide protection for your stored goods against the elements, but they can’t defend themselves against vandalism and break-ins without a few additional security measures. Here we’ll suggest the best ways to secure a shipping container. We’ll recommend the shipping container security devices that will enhance your storage container’s security and help you save money on your private or business’ buildings and contents insurance.

Invest in quality shipping container padlocks

Let’s start with one of the cheapest ways to secure your storage container. The best padlock for a shipping container is a heavy duty CISA container padlock. Made from hardened steel, these large and robust padlocks are specifically designed to secure container doors.

These are a ‘shutter’ style of padlock – as the key is turned, a bar engages in the cartridge, providing a solid hold over the heavy door. The casing is coated to guard against any weathering or weakening from the elements.

Though they are designed to be anti-pick and anti-drillable, the downside of relying solely on a padlock to guard your container is that they can be vulnerable to bolt cutters or other sophisticated criminal tampering. As an extra layer of security, we’d always recommend a container lock box…

Combine your padlock with a lockbox

The best way to guard against any padlock tampering is to prevent thieves having sight of or access to the lock. By using a lock box such as our patented Contain-A-Lock padlock protector, you can cover your lock with a 4mm thick steel shroud, tamper proof, corrosion resistant and colour matched with your container. A lock box is only accessible with the padlock key and also ensures you never lose your padlock when accessing the unit as it is never detached – simply released.

A CISA padlock combined with a Contain-A-Lock box is without doubt the simplest and best way to secure a shipping container.

Consider your container’s positioning

As effective as any device, your container’s positioning will have a big impact on your storage container security. Things to consider in terms of positioning include:

  • How well lit is the container’s location?
  • Can the unit be seen from the main roads?
  • Ideally choose a location contained by a perimeter fence.
  • Is the container within view of security cameras?

If the container is easily visible, the likelihood of vandalism or theft are increased. By keeping your unit in an area that is not easily visible, or accessible, and is covered by security cameras and lights, you have a greater chance of deterring intruders.

Get in touch with us, for a more secure container

Our high quality storage containers are built to protect your contents from the elements, but to enhance your container’s security and offer greater peace of mind, it’s well worth investing in additional shipping container security devices. Visit our container accessories page to learn more about our locking systems or for more advice or information, contact us today.

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