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Battery Storage Containers: Features & Specs

As the world continues to look for greener solutions to our energy requirements, as well as adapting to changes in the way that we are living, we are seeing an increased need for energy storage solutions like lithium-ion batteries. These batteries give us the option of charging all sorts of appliances to allow us to use them remotely – whether it is a mobile phone, a cordless drill, or an electric car.

These batteries have the potential to carry a lot of energy and it is therefore extremely important that we are storing and transporting them in a safe and secure way to reduce the chance of accidents and, especially explosion and fire.

For these reasons, our lithium battery storage containers have safety systems built into their design to monitor the environment within, signal an alarm prior to critical failure, reduce the risk of injury in the event of explosion or fire and also provide environmental containment.

Battery Storage Containers Criteria

When you are looking to store batteries such as the lithium-ion battery, there are a number of criteria that should be met. These include:

  • Having intrinsically safe electrical installations (ATEX)
  • Provide systems that can give early indications of failure to enable intervention prior to a critical event.
  • Having explosion protection / over pressure venting.
  • Be Fire-resistant and fire-retaining.
  • Provide environmental containment.
  • Prevent extremes of temperature.
  • Provide shade from direct sunlight.
  • Protect from impacts such as battering or falls.
  • Provide natural ventilation & temperature control.
  • Provide the ability to store remotely away from occupied buildings.

The danger with the storage of lithium-ion batteries is that there is an internal short-circuit. This can then cause the battery to explode and or catch fire, presenting a risk of an over pressure event & burning as well as releasing toxic materials into the environment.

Using a Customised Shipping Container for Battery Storage

A shipping container can be a great solution to the problem of storing a battery, in fact, a converted shipping container lends itself perfectly to the storage of batteries that need to fulfil the criteria above. Many batteries are transported around the world in our units, so they seem to be also the ideal solution for their storage.

Our units are made from metal and are therefore fire-resistant, and they have also been specially designed to withstand pressure from outside. Originals do not have any gaps or windows, meaning that there is no chance of batteries that are stored inside them coming into direct contact with sunlight.

They have also been designed to be stacked effectively, but also stand on their own, meaning that they can store batteries remotely.

The customisation process can also be applied, allowing the storage container to contain technology that can ensure that the internal temperature can be controlled and at the same time natural ventilation provided to ensure that the conditions are as safe as possible.

There is a range of different sizes that can be used and converted, giving you flexibility over the amount of storage that you have, as well as the area of space that is taken up. Shipping contains can be found in 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft in size.

Getting the right container for your battery storage is essential in terms of keeping the battery in good condition and, perhaps, more importantly, reducing the risk of short circuits, and, therefore, explosion or fire. This is one of the best options that are available for you in terms of keeping yourself and your battery safe and stored properly.

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