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Can you Use a Container as a Plant Room?

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28th April 2021

For many businesses, a plant room is a vital part of their operations. Whether it is somewhere that looks after their server and IT equipment, battery storage, air ventilation systems, or water treatment systems, having somewhere to house this equipment and machinery is essential.

Plant rooms can be noisy, and many businesses try to keep them separate from the rest of their offices, workshops, etc. And this is why more and more are considering using a converted unit for their plant room.

To answer the question, you can buy a container to use as a plant room, as long as it has had some modifications.

Designing a Plant Room

If you are considering converting a standard unit into a plant room, there are several factors that you need to consider. It is important that the construction is safe and effective regardless of what you are using it for.

They are designed to be sturdy, robust, and withstand the pressures of sea travel, but when it comes to using it as a construction material, the most important thing is that it gives you a high degree of flexibility over its design. It is, in essence, a metal box that can be adapted in an infinite number of ways.

Regardless of the purpose of your plant room, there are several things to think about, including:


Although you might not have staff that will be directly working inside the plant room, it is important that there is access for maintenance and repairs when it is needed. They can be adapted to have personnel doors fitted to make access easier – or larger doors to enable larger machinery to be taken in and out.

Ramps can also be fitted to aid in getting machinery in and out.


One of the most useful things about using a storage box is the amount of flexibility that there is over the size of the construction. To start with, they are available within a range of different sizes. Standard sizes can range from 10ft x 8ft x 8ft 6in to 40ft x 8ft x 9ft 6in.

In addition to this, two or more containers can be joined together side by side, or on top of each other to create a larger space to house your plant.

A bonus to using converted units is that they can easily be expanded if you have space. If your need for space in the plant room grows, you can easily add another unit to enable it to expand – as long as you have space!


The internal environment of your plant room must be well controlled and optimised for your plant. Some plant rooms require cooling systems, others need excellent ventilation, others need very low humidity levels. Using a storage unit allows you to well control this environment through ventilation systems, heating, and cooling systems, insulating lining and moisture traps, and drying crystals.  

Electrical and lighting packages can also be installed to run the machines as well as give you lighting for when personnel are inside the room.


It is vital that only authorised people can access your plant room. It is important, therefore, that the room is secure and lockable, protected not only from unauthorised people but also from elements, such as bad weather. These units have been built specially to withstand temperature extremes, wind, and rain, but also thieves and vandals.

Your bespoke plant room can also be protected with a secure locking system to help to protect its contents and ensure that only those who should be in there can get in.


Some plant rooms can be noisy places, and if they are close to other areas where people are living or working, it can be very distracting. A plant room made from a converted unit can also be soundproofed to ensure that only minimal sound can be heard from the outside.

In addition to this, the mobile nature of a cargo unit means that the plant room can be located wherever you wish, ensuring that it is as effective as it can be without being overly disruptive.

Interior Design

Due to the fact that they are made for storage, its empty interior means that the inside of your plant room can be designed in any way that you like. This means that you can fit non-slip floors, racking or shelving, storage, or separate sections according to your needs.

Exterior Design

Although it is important that the interior of the plant room is right for its purpose, it is also important that it looks the part from the outside. These boxes can be painted professionally or clad to ensure that it fits in. You can also think about adding company branding to really make it blend in.

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