Converting Containers Into Ablution Blocks

Creating a functional ablution block, or welfare unit, is a necessity on sites where people visit or work for a length of time. One method to building a cost-effective, but long-term, ablution block is to convert a shipping container into a working sanitary unit.

What Is An Ablution Block?

An ablution block is a communal washroom facility. It usually consists of a selection of the amenities you would expect in a washroom, such as toilets, urinals, wash basins, shower blocks and changing rooms. They are a practical option for remote locations as they are easier to transport and erect onsite, but it’s also common to see ablution blocks at temporary work sites, campsites, visitor attractions, seasonal events and long-term rented sites. Ablution block units make a great alternative to a more permanent structure as they are self-contained, constructed quickly, and are well suited for long-term use.

Businesses have a legal requirement to provide sanitary units for employees and visitors to use, and they must be installed in readily accessible places with suitable facilities for all genders. Because of this legal requirement, many small to medium businesses benefit from the addition of an ablution block.

How Can Shipping Containers Be Used As Ablution Blocks?

From an individual toilet cabin to a complete washroom facility, converted storage containers are an ideal solution for anyone looking for an ablution block at their site. Shipping containers are constructed from high quality, stainless steel which makes them the perfect choice for a sturdy ablution block facility. A container ablution block can be quickly constructed and set-up at your site ready for use almost straight away.

As shipping containers are built to be transported, container toilet units are fully portable but still robust enough to be a permanent fixture for longer term use. They are compact and self-contained which makes them easy to deliver and move – some can even be moved by forklift. Flat pack container units are also available for remote or difficult to access sites as they can be delivered flat and built on site.

Standard Features

Shipping container ablution blocks are available in a number of different sizes with a variety of customisable options in terms of equipment and design. Most standard shipping container ablution blocks feature a toilet and dedicated wash areas complete with sinks and mirrors. Depending on the size of your business, you may need multiple cubicles so a few people can use the unit at the same time, or male and female cubicle options. This is easily achievable with a container as the units can be joined to make a larger block and cubicle walls can be fitted where appropriate to separate the space.

An ablution block will need an electrical connection, a mains sewer or septic tank waste connection and water supply so it’s important to consider these when planning your washroom space. If these are unavailable on site, alternative options such as waste tanks and water bowsers with on-demand pumps and generators can be hired to ensure the toilet block works efficiently. Shipping containers can be adapted to include all of the necessary fixtures so the unit is ready to be connected and used straight away, however it is worth noting that you may need qualified engineers on site to connect the water, waste and electricity supplies.

Optional Features

As well as the standard toilets and wash basins, container ablution blocks can include complete shower units or changing rooms which are ideal for those managing camping sites or sports facilities. In terms of accessibility, you can add ramps or stairs and rails to enable easy-access for everyone.

Container units also offer a range of decorative customisation options. Containers can be painted in a wide range of colours so you can choose a colour that is personalised to your company’s colours and will blend your ablution block into the surroundings.

It is worth considering the interior fittings and what you can customise aesthetically inside the block. There are endless options with bathroom fixtures and fittings, which means you can truly customise the inside of your ablution unit and make it look exactly how you want it to. Non-slip flooring that is easily wiped down and maintained is perfect for a container ablution block and this type of flooring is available in a range of colours and designs to suit your needs.

If you’re interested in ablution blocks, portable toilet and shower blocks or any sort of container-based cabin, take a look at our stock conversions, which feature a range of in-stock, ready to go converted containers and sanitary cabins for sale.

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