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Creating A Shipping Container Wildlife Hotel

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21st August 2020

With the world becoming increasingly concerned about our environment and protecting local ecosystems through flora and fauna, we are seeing more and more people looking to help promote local wildlife, both publicly and privately in their own gardens.

One way that you can help your local wildlife flourish is by allowing your garden to grow naturally, attracting insects like bees which will help to pollinate the area.

Converted containers can be of great use when you are creating the perfect place for your local wildlife to stay – especially when taking advantage of our CAD expertise to design your vision. You might have heard of a shipping container hotel – well, this is a shipping container wildlife hotel…

What is a Container Wildlife Hotel?

A container wildlife hotel is an area that can be separated off by a shipping container, or extended into your garden in the open air, that is hospitable to your local wildlife and conducive to helping it flourish. This includes plants as well as insects and small animals.

Your unit can be used in two ways – firstly, to house the plants and wildflowers that you want in your wildlife garden, and secondly, to help with the storage of any garden accessories that you have.

Creating your Shipping Container Wildlife Hotel

To convert your used container into a wildlife hotel, most people would start off by picking the area where it is going to be located. You will need a hard, solid base for it to sit on in preparation, but other than this, you can choose the best place for you and your wildlife guests.

The next thing to consider would be what you want it to look like. Some people like to take out one of the sides or ends, keeping the other three enclosed, whereas others prefer to take out three of the sides, just leaving one closed in. This depends on what you’re going to be using the container for and where you are going to position it. You could also consider putting in windows if you don’t want to open up the full side of the container.

They can be a great way to create an area in your wildlife garden that is sheltered from the sun, wind and rain, so here you would plant any plants that need to be protected. It is important to remember, however, that a wildlife hotel and garden is meant to have local plants to encourage local wildlife, so planting tropical plants won’t cut it!

Using your Unit for Wildlife Hotel Storage

Even the wildest of gardens will have certain things that need to be done. It might be in the planting of seeds, scaring off unwanted predators, or watering. It can be useful to have an area in your wildlife hotel for the storage of such items, like seeds, something to scare foxes away, or watering cans.

You may also wish to have an area with potted seedlings or other plants that can also be housed in your wildlife hotel.

For this storage space, the only customising that you will need to do will be to add some extra shelving or racking. You also want to consider adding a ramp to help you get in and out with a wheelbarrow.

Creating a wildlife hotel is a great way to help your local environment, as well as the health of the planet, and using a used module from S Jones is the perfect way to upcycle and make it even greener. It is robust enough to withstand the elements, but it can also provide that perfect balance of inside and outside that will help your local fauna and flora thrive.

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