Creating Safe & Secure Tool Stores

Finding a place to safely lock tools away overnight or when you aren’t at work is a common problem for many people. Vehicles can be easily broken into and tools can be expensive, awkward to replace and can cause hassle and delays in getting work done.

A converted shipping container is the perfect place to store your tools at times when you don’t need them as it is robust and durable, can be securely locked, moved around and is large enough to house any size tool that you might have.

Shipping Containers are Robust and Durable

Shipping containers were first designed and built to be used to transfer cargo between different modes of transport, without the need to unpack everything and repack it. This means that they are not only portable but also protective. They are made from a metal frame with metal walls, floors and ceilings, meaning that they are extremely difficult to break into.

When you get a shipping container, it will have been used either just once or it will be second-hand. This is a great way to help to reduce waste, but for the most secure container, you should check that there is no heavy damage or rust visible.

Shipping Containers can be Locked Securely

There are several different locking systems that you can use on your shipping container tool storage facility. You will probably need a heavy-duty, corrosion and cut-resistant padlock like the CISA security container padlock that can be made to be even more of a deterrent if used in conjunction with a padlock protector such as the Contain-A-Lock padlock protector.

Depending on the size of your tools, how often you will want to get into your shipping container storeroom, and how quickly and easily you want to access it, you might want to consider installing a personnel door. This can be locked from the inside and the outside to give you peace of mind when you are both inside and outside the container.

Shipping Containers Can be Moved Around

Your shipping container will need a solid base on which to sit, like concrete, railway sleepers, or paving slabs, for example. Also, though they are heavy, shipping containers can be moved and are perfect if you want storage at home, at a work base, or even on a temporary site. It means that you can securely leave your tools and that they’ll be there the next time you go looking for them.

Shipping Containers Come in Different Sizes

There are several different sizes of shipping containers to choose from, depending on your specific needs. In standard sizes, they are available in 10ft – 560ft³, 20ft – 1160ft³, or 40ft – 2360ft³. However, there are also higher sided shipping containers available to give you extra space. You can also stack them on top of each other or join them side-by-side if you need even more space.


During the process of converting your shipping container, you also have the option of professional painting, meaning that you can have it branded so that it is easily identified as yours, as well as potentially give your business some natural advertising.

A converted shipping container is a perfect solution for you to be able to store your valuable tools somewhere that is safe and secure, robust and protected from the weather and thieves.