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Designing an Exhibition Stand for Your Business

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28th April 2021

If you are planning on having a stand at an exhibition or a trade fair you are almost certainly there to drum up more support for your business. Whether the aim is to generate more leads, launch a new product, sell products, or just make your business more visible, the key to exhibition success is to have a stand that, well, stands out.

Your exhibition stand needs to attract people, make them take interest in what you are doing, give them a sense of who your business is at a glance, and inspire them to engage with you. And the way that your exhibition stand is designed can have a massive impact on this – thankfully, our CAD capabilities can support your vision.

Converted Exhibition Stands

If you are looking to design and create an alluring exhibition stand, converting a standard unit is an excellent option. Not only are converted cargo units eco-friendly and on-trend, but they can also incorporate an infinite number of different designs, branding, and overall looks.

Although in essence, metal boxes, they can easily be adapted according to your design to make it unique, attractive, incorporate branding, and they can also be mobile – meaning that your exhibition stand can be moved from location to location.

Exhibition Stand Design Considerations

Before you start to design your exhibition stand, the most important thing to do is to define what your goal is for the exhibition. Are you wanting to showcase a new product or generate interest in a service that you provide? Maybe you are looking to find new B2B customers or are looking to simply sell as many products as you can. You will need to have your goals in mind whilst you design your exhibition stand.

When you are designing your shipping container exhibition stand, there are a number of things that you need to take into consideration to make the stand as effective as possible. These include:

Your Message

Think about the general message that you want to send via your exhibition stand. Do you want to show that you are modern, environmentally friendly, or customer-focused, for example? These principles should be reflected in the design of your exhibition stand.

Design the exhibition stand with your audience in mind, but not forgetting your company branding. Think about the kind of people that you are hoping to attract – are they businesses, domestic customers, enthusiasts, or professionals, for example?

Size and Layout

Check the amount of space that you have been allocated by the organisers. It is important that your stand is neither too big – or too small for the space that you have been given. It is also worth thinking about whether you can have your stand on more than one level.

When it comes to sizes, there are several available that you can choose from, from the small 10ft unit to the larger 40ft unit. If you wish, you can also stack two or more shipping containers on top of each other to give an extra level to the stand.

Look at your options related to the layout of the exhibition stand. You should consider what you are going to be doing at the exhibition. Do you want a single window or ‘hatch’ where you can serve people? Or maybe a more interactive space where your visitors can walk around and engage with things that you have going on or items inside the stand? Or do you require an open area where you can showcase your products or services, and give demonstrations, for example?

Visual Appearance

It is important that your exhibition stand looks the part. Think about how to incorporate your business’s branding. It is not just about colours it is also about style. Professional painting can be used to make the exhibition stand match your branding, as can cladding.

You should also allocate an area for your message. This should be clear and concise both in the words or images that you use, but also with the way that it is presented. Is the writing or image big enough? Is it in a clear font? Are the colours right? Can it be seen and understood from a distance and does it tell passers-by exactly who are you?


Lighting is another important aspect of the design of your exhibition stand. Electrical packages can not only be fitted and used for standard lighting within the exhibition stand but it can also be used to enhance graphics and highlight particular products.

It can also be used to create the right atmosphere and to help enhance the business’s branding.


If you want to show that your business is forward-thinking, modern, and aware of what people want, it is a good idea to incorporate technology. This can also be very useful in giving your visitors more information and even luring them in in the first place. Whether it is proximity marketing, interactive touch screens, or digital signage, technology can play an important part in getting your message across.

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