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Engineering Mobile Water Treatment Plants

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17th September 2020

Ensuring that we have safe and clean water is vital for every business and every community in the world. For some, this will mean having a water treatment plant available to them. Water treatment plants need to be kept somewhere that is safe and secure (to avoid deliberate contamination) as well as being able to withstand the weight of the heavy machinery that is required.

It also helps if a water treatment plant can be mobile, being able to move from site to site if need be.

All of these criteria mean that a converted shipping container is the perfect solution to house your water treatment plant.

Engineering your Shipping Containers to Home your Water Treatment Plant

To create your modular water treatment plant, you will need to customise it a little. Some of a container’s natural assets lend themselves well to housing the plant, like its robust, metal nature, and its ability to hold extremely heavyweight, for example.

They have been specially designed and built to withstand extreme weather conditions and protect their contents for outside pressures and potential thieves and vandals.

One of the best things about our units is their flexibility. For example, there is a range of different sized shipping containers for sale. These sizes can range from 10ft up to 40ft in length in the average height and the high cube version. You can also join them together side-by-side or vertically if you wish to make the space bigger.

There are, however, some other customisations that you will need to think about doing to engineer an effective home for your water treatment plant. These can include:

  • Installing the ventilation that is required for the safe use of machinery
  • The addition of cooling systems
  • Adding electricity and lighting for better vision and to power machinery and cooling systems
  • Adding container windows or doors for easy staff access if required
  • Adding racking for organisation and securing machinery in place
  • The addition of container ramps to aid in the movement of machinery
  • Secure locking systems such as the specialist locking system to ensure that only authorised people can get inside the plant room.
  • Vinyl wrapping or professional painting to keep your water treatment plant room in line with your company branding

For the best adaptations of a water treatment plant, you need to be able to design it properly and in line with the regulations. You can do this with the help of our specialist design team, who can use CAD (computer-aided design) technology to be able to create the most effective space for you.


Shipping containers were originally designed to move cargo around the world, without the need for unpacking it. They were created to be able to be moved from one mode of transport to another, and this is a feature that can be useful if you are hoping for a water treatment plant that is mobile.

Of course, consideration must be made as a result of the heavy machinery that is inside, but in theory, a modular water treatment plant can be picked up and moved to wherever it is needed.

To engineer a successful water treatment plant, you need to make sure that it is properly designed, installed with the essentials, and is, of course, secure enough to prevent those who shouldn’t be there from getting in. A well-designed unit from S Jones is the ideal starting point for this.

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