Gas Machinery Housing Applications of Containers

When it comes to storing any sort of gas machinery – or indeed, anything that is flammable – it is important that it is stored as safely as possible, preferably in a fire-resistant storage facility. Thanks to the fact that they are made from metal and are, therefore, fire-resistant, a converted shipping container is the perfect place to store your gas machinery.

Shipping containers are essentially a large, empty, metal box, meaning that they are perfect for storage. You can choose your shipping container according to the size that you are looking for. There are normally six different container sizes:

You also have the option of joining two or more of the shipping containers together, either horizontally (next to each other) or vertically (on top of each other), if you need a larger container.

Adapting your Shipping Container for the Storage of Gas Machinery

Once you have decided on the size of the container that you need, there are other factors that you will need to consider to make your container suitable for the storage of gas machinery. Some of these factors include:

  • Having control over the interior environment of your container. You can use an insulating wall lining to ensure that the container doesn’t get too hot or too cold. You can also add in heating and cooling systems, as well as tools that help you to control humidity.
  • Adding personnel doors for easy access for your staff. These can also be locked from the inside or the outside for additional security, reducing the chance of dangerous break-ins or vandalism.
  • Adding energy and lights to make it easier to work in and to be able to run any appliances that you need to.
  • The addition of racking to help with organisation, as well as securing the gas machinery. If you prefer, you can also get self-assembly shelving, or indeed, have it fitted even before the shipping container is delivered.
  • Specialist container ramps can also be added to facilitate access for machinery and wheelchairs

You also have the option of professional painting or vinyl wraps to ensure that your gas machinery storage container looks good, including the chance to include company branding if you wish.

Placing your Shipping Container

If you are dealing with flammable substances such as gas, it is important that you put your container in the right place. The fact that it is an enclosed space means that the gas machinery should be out of direct sunlight, but it is recommended that you keep the container somewhere as cool as possible. Although the risk of a fire transferring from inside your shipping container to another place is low, you should try to place it somewhere that is separated from other buildings, just in case.

You will need a solid base for your shipping container to be placed; for example, a concrete base, on concrete slabs, or railway sleepers. You should also remember that it will need to be delivered on a truck (usually fully fabricated), so access from the road will also be necessary.

A converted shipping container is perfect for any kind of container that needs to be well-secured and easily locked, as well as fire-resistant. Its metal construct and additional container accessories mean that it can be highly effective for housing gas machinery.

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