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How Long Does A Shipping Container Conversion Take and How Much Does It Cost?

Due to the fact that shipping containers are so adaptable, we have seen a huge increase in the popularity of them being used for a whole range of applications. Many people choose to use one to store their belongings or move products around the world – as they were originally designed for.

Some people, however, have come up with more ingenious ways to use them as flexible options to enable facilities to be created with relative ease.

Converted or Modified Shipping Containers

A freight box is essentially a structural metal box that can be modified to be used as a transportable enclosure for very specific purposes. They come in a range of sizes – 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft in length, at standard height (2.6m externally) or as a ‘high cube’ (300mm higher than standard). In addition, you can get more than one type of original manufactured unit, which can include extra doors at the ‘blank end’ of the box or along one or both sides.  However, one dimension that does not change is their standard width, which is 2.44m, or 8ft.

Converted units offer flexible solutions to many of the challenges that the world is currently throwing at us, such as:

  • They make use of used materials, reducing waste and therefore being an environmentally-friendly option
  • They give a great degree of flexibility in terms of design and application
  • They are relatively quick and inexpensive to convert, compared to other comparable solutions
  • They can be created off-site and literally ‘dropped’ (carefully positioned!) into place

What Needs to be Done in a Conversion and How Long Does It Take?

The work that needs to be done to convert a container really depends on what you are planning on using it for. S Jones Containers’ team of designers can help you to create your ideal space – whatever you are hoping to use it for.

They will have computer aided design technology (CAD) to assist them and to show you what is possible in terms of design.

Some Conversion PurposesSome Modification types (combinations of)
pop-up café/barmulti-compartment
plant rooms, including;doors and windows, many options;
power generationacoustic control
switchgearthermal control
transformerair flow, forced air
pumpspositive air pressure
water treatmentair quality filtration, up to hepa quality
test rigfire retardancy (internal and/or external)
control equipmentmultiple voltage electrical systems
boilers (especially solid fuel)blast resistance (internal or external)
workshopspecialist coatings
laboratoryspecialist laboratory equipment
work accommodationblast release panels
exhibition standbunds
bird hidesmoke and chemical detection
ticket boothfire suppression
load testing
shipping compatibility with CSC re-certification

Once that your construction has been designed, the work can start.

All fixed work can be done off-site before it gets to you. It will be delivered almost ready to go, except for additions you need to add, from furniture to your own specialist equipment if you are using a converted unit to house your own finished product, or having a third party install extra specialist equipment.

The time that is needed to manufacture your conversion depends on the extent of the modification which can take hundreds of man-hours over a number of weeks and cost many tens of thousands of Pounds.

Before Delivery

There are a few factors that you should consider beforehand, including:

  • Making sure that you have a solid foundation on the area where your unit is going to be placed. It should be hard and flat – concrete, concrete slabs or railway sleepers are good options.
  • Checking that there is enough access for the delivery vehicle to get to you from a main road, along accessible roads, and without obstructions, such as low hanging cables or branches
  • Ensuring that you have planning permission if it is needed (it is recommended that you check with your local authority as this can be a grey area)

Whatever your needs may be, we provide a wide range of container solutions to suit all situations, whether it be for hire, for sale or conversion. For more information just get in touch.

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