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How Secure Are Shipping Containers?

Regardless of what you are using your shipping container for, it is likely that it will contain things of value. It is therefore important that you are able to lock it securely to ensure that no one can gain access without permission.

Fortunately, shipping units are inherently secure. They are made of strong, robust and durable steel and have been designed to safely carry important cargo around the world, whether by sea, road or rail.

However, if you are storing valuables or have customised them for specific personal or industrial applications, there may be additional security considerations to make. Because of this, many choose to enhance the security with locks. Some people opt for the conventional padlock as their solution but as we’ll explore below, there are some weaknesses in their security that makes them less than reliable.

Shipping Container Locking Solutions

An alternative to the conventional padlock is to incorporate a locking system into the customisation stage. This would ensure that your locking system is fitted properly, is correctly integrated, and gives you the most effective and secure locking system possible.

Inner Bolts

In the same way as a deadbolt would act on your bathroom door, you can install an inner bolt. This means that when you are inside, you can rest assured that other people will not be able to enter if you don’t want them to.

CISA Security Container Padlock

The insurance regulated CISA Security Container Padlock is made from Carbonitrided solid steel and has had a nickel-plating treatment. It is also cut and drill resistant, making it very difficult for someone to enter without authorisation.

The CISA Security padlock can also be used in conjunction with a padlock protector shroud, which is a heavy-duty, tamperproof and high-security additional layer: a great deterrent to thieves!

Other Security Considerations

You can enhance the security even further with the following considerations:

  • The location. Assuming you have the necessary permissions, if you are storing personal belongings you may want to keep it near to your house, or maybe put it in a safer part of town if you are using it as a pop-up restaurant, for example.
  • Just as you would with a house, you might also wish to use alarms. Bear in mind you might access to electricity or Wi-Fi for your alarm to function. If you are not going to be based close to your unit, there are also alarms that can be linked to your mobile phone, meaning you can remain vigilant at all times.
  • You could put your unit in the view of CCTV cameras, both as a deterrent to thieves and for accessing information should the need arise.
  • Traditional physical barriers such as barbed or razor wire could be used to passively prevent people from gaining access if necessary.

Regardless of its use, ensuring that it is safe and secure should remain a priority. Naturally, the scale of the security measures you employ will depend on what is inside it and where you are installing it. But in any case, investing in adequate security will provide you with the peace of mind that your container is safe and secure, along with its contents.

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