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How To Enhance Shipping Container Security

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18th August 2020

Shipping containers were originally specifically designed to meet a few different criteria. Of course, they need to be able to be stacked effectively and easily transferred from one mode of transport to another, but they also need to be able to properly protect their contents.

They are robust and built to withstand extreme weather conditions, such as wind and rain, but it is also vital that they can be securely locked to ensure their contents are protected from thieves and vandals, especially whilst they are in transit.

We are also seeing more and more people converting these containers into modular buildings, like plant rooms and exhibition stands. It is essential that these can also be properly protected and secured from those who shouldn’t be there.

Strong and Robust

Often the contents of a storage unit – whether it is being used for storage or has been converted – will contain valuable items, and although they are made of metal and built to be strong and durable, security is an extra factor that you should consider.

When it is converted, people often put in personnel doors which allow for easier access as people go in and out. These doors can be locked with a conventional padlock, but this isn’t as effective as it could be, both in security and as a deterrent.

There are two main locking systems that are recommended for enhancing security; an inner bolting system and a CISA security padlock with a padlock protector. We suggest that you use both of these systems to ensure that your contents are as safe as possible, whether you are inside or outside.

Inner Bolting System

An inner bolting system should be fitted to the inside of your door so that it can slide across the door to be locked from the inside. This type of lock is the type that most people have on their bathroom doors, is simple to use, simple to fit, and will give you safety and security whilst you are inside the building.

CISA Security Padlock

The CISA security padlock is more effective than a conventional padlock. They are rated by the insurance industry and are compatible with all of the different sizes of shipping containers, i.e.,  10ft, 20ft, and 40ft, as well as the high cubed versions.

There are a number of ways that CISA security padlocks are superior to a conventional padlock, including:

  • They have a pick and drill resistant keyway
  • They are made from carbonitrided solid steel and, therefore, are cut-resistant
  • They are nickel plated
  • They are rust-resistant
  • They have an internal mechanism made from bronze, phosphor bronze and brass
  • They are heavy-duty
  • They can be used with a Contain-a-Lock padlock protector for an extra layer of security

We believe that the best padlock protector is the Contain-a-Lock protector. It is essentially a shroud for your padlock, making it tamper-proof and a deterrent for opportunistic thieves. The padlock protector is cut and rust-resistant, being made from 4mm heat-treated steel. It is also slim, making it difficult for thieves to try to use tools on it.

The enhanced security of your shipping container is vital, not only to protect its contents, but also for your peace of mind. By installing extra security systems, you can ensure that you both guard your belongings and the lock can be used as a deterrent to thieves.

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