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Shipping Container Security

Shipping containers are an excellent way of transporting goods, thanks to their easy stacking design that means they can be easily transferred from one mode of transport to another. They’re also built to withstand extreme weather conditions like wind and rain, protecting the goods inside from weather damage.

But have you ever thought about shipping container security? As well as ensuring containers are protected from the elements, it’s also crucial that they’re protected from people too. It’s vital that they can be securely locked to protect their contents from thieves and vandals, especially while in transit.

It’s also increasingly popular to convert shipping containers into modular buildings like plant rooms and exhibition stands – and when used for these purposes, protective measures like shipping container security doors and padlocks should also be considered.

From installing locks to making use of CCTV, added security measures and extra vigilance can help you protect your shipping containers and their contents from human harm.

Risks to Shipping Container Security

There are several vulnerable areas to be aware of when it comes to shipping containers. One major weak point is the container doors, which is one of the first places thieves are likely to target if not properly secured.

It’s also important to consider your locking system. If you use a standard padlock or outdated locking system, it may be susceptible to cutting, picking or breaking. And it’s important to consider the structural integrity of your container. If the seals are worn or damaged, this may make access easier for intruders.

Inadequate surveillance and monitoring increase the chances of unauthorised access going unnoticed. And, of course, you should always consider where your container is positioned. If it’s left in a poorly lit or secluded area, it may make it a more attractive prospect for thieves – especially if there are no visible security measures in place, like robust locking systems or CCTV cameras. 

How to Enhance Shipping Container Security

Securing your shipping containers doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many simple and effective measures businesses and individuals can take to improve the security of their shipping containers. By implementing the strategies below, you can significantly reduce the risk of theft and unauthorised access, keeping your goods safe and putting your mind at ease.

Inner Bolting System

An inner bolting system should be fitted to the inside of your door so that it can slide across the door to be locked from the inside. This type of lock is the type that most people have on their bathroom doors, it is simple to use, simple to fit, and will give you safety and security whilst you are inside the building.

CISA Security Padlock

The CISA security padlock is more effective than a conventional padlock. They are rated by the insurance industry and are compatible with all of the different sizes of shipping containers, i.e.,  10ft, 20ft, and 40ft, as well as the high cubed versions.

There are a number of ways that CISA security padlocks are superior to a conventional padlock, including:

  • They have a pick and drill resistant keyway
  • They are made from carbonitrided solid steel and, therefore, are cut-resistant
  • They are nickel plated
  • They are rust-resistant
  • They have an internal mechanism made from bronze, phosphor bronze and brass
  • They are heavy-duty
  • They can be used with a Contain-a-Lock padlock protector for an extra layer of security

We believe that the best padlock protector is the Contain-a-Lock protector. It is essentially a shroud for your padlock, making it tamper-proof and a deterrent for opportunistic thieves. The padlock protector is cut and rust-resistant, being made from 4mm heat-treated steel. It is also slim, making it difficult for thieves to try to use tools on it.

Shipping Container Lock Box

One simple way to increase your shipping container security is to add a lock box and heavy-duty padlock. Lock boxes are essentially anti-vandal padlocks that attach to the doors. The padlock is then only accessible from underneath – a clever design that makes it significantly harder for thieves to tamper with the lock. 

What Other Steps Can You Take to Secure Your Shipping Containers?

As well as physical security measures like lock boxes and heavy-duty padlocks, there are several other strategies you can put in place to protect your container and goods from harm:

  • Strategic placement and visibility: Positioning your container in a well-lit, visible area can deter potential thieves. Avoid secluded spots as these can make it easier for thieves to enter undetected.
  • Keep valuables out of sight: Ensuring that valuable items aren’t visible from the outside can reduce the risk of theft. You could also organise the contents inside the container so that the most valuable items are stored towards the back, making them less accessible.
  • Surveillance and monitoring: Installing CCTV cameras around your containers can act as a deterrent, while also providing critical evidence in the event of a security breach.
  • Lighting: Proper lighting is a simple yet highly effective security measure, making it harder for intruders to approach unnoticed.
  • Regular inspections: Conducting regular inspections can help to identify potential security vulnerabilities before they’re exploited. Ensure you regularly check your locks, hinges and seals for signs of wear and make sure that your lighting and surveillance equipment are in good working order.

The enhanced security of your shipping container is vital, not only to protect its contents, but also for your peace of mind. By installing extra security systems, you can ensure that you both guard your belongings and the lock can be used as a deterrent to thieves.

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