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How To Get Shipping Containers With Windows

The use of shipping containers for construction is becoming increasingly popular. Not only do they offer a sturdy and robust structure, but they are also resilient, weatherproof and inexpensive. While in the past we had only seen intermodal’s used for shipping, people are now beginning to think outside the ‘box’, using them for other spaces and a wide range of industrial applications across sectors.

Some common uses for container conversions include offices, bars, cafes and homes which, unsurprisingly, require proper windows and doors to be comfortable and functional spaces.

As it is essentially a steel box, it might seem difficult to install doors and windows, this can all be done as part of a customising service when you order (depending on the vendor). While they do have access points – namely for the storage of and access to cargo – these doors aren’t necessarily appropriate for everyday use in units that have been converted into exhibition stands or remote laboratories, for instance.

Creating windows in shipping containers

The process of creating windows in a shipping container is deceptively simple but does require a saw that can cut through metal, the right equipment to ensure that the window is cut to the right size, and the ability to securely fasten the windowpane. Although it is possible to do this yourself, you will likely find a better result if you have it done by professionals as part of the customisable process.

This is because windows fit by professionals as part of customisation will be safe and secure, complete with a professional and aesthetically pleasing finish. As part of this process, some of the other features you can choose include:

  • Choice of the exact location of the windows
  • Secure and tamperproof
  • Shutters which are vandal resistant
  • Easy to use windows
  • Easy to lock

These windows can be fitted completely before it is delivered to you.

Shipping container doors

Although they have a door, these are not always ideal if you are using your unit on a regular basis. As part of the customisation process, personnel doors can also be fitted – allowing people to easily access and exit, as well as securely lock it.

A properly fit door is safe and easy to use, it can be used by staff, customers and visitors alike with no problems.

Depending on what you are planning on using your unit for, you might need one or more windows or doors fitted. Again, although it is possible to do this yourself, it can prove challenging and may require some specialist knowledge – knowing which windows and doors are appropriate to use, for example.

As a result, we recommend that you consult a specialist to get them fitted before delivery. Through customisation services, you can rest assured that it’s ready to go as soon as delivery has been made.

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