How To Optimise a Container Hire For Your Application

Looking for a short-term storage solution but don’t want to commit to purchasing storage? Hiring a shipping container could be the perfect solution!

To make the most of your hire container, it’s important to make sure that you choose the right features when you hire. With so many options for accessories and modifications, choosing the best container for your application can be a daunting task. Optimising your hired container makes it cost effective and guarantees your container meets all your needs.

When Is The Time Right To Hire A Shipping Container?

There are many reasons why you may choose to hire a container instead of buying one. Whether it’s for commercial or personal purposes, most people hire containers for temporary storage. Containers are durable, wind and water tight. You can rest assured your items in storage are safe without risk of damage. Shipping containers for hire are available in a range of sizes from 20ft to 40ft long. Most people opt for a 20ft container – if you are unsure please feel free to contact our sales team for advice on the most suitable size container for your needs.

If you need cost-effective storage, hiring a storage container is a great option. Many small businesses cannot afford to buy a container outright. Doing so could put significant restraints on cash flow that could be used for other investments. Renting offers the chance to spread the cost, making it a much more affordable option for SMEs. The cost of hiring is usually based on the size of the container and the length of time you’re hiring, plus a delivery and removal charge.

Making Your Container Hire Fit Your Application:

Shipping container accessories are a quick, cost-effective way to ensure your container fits its application.

Storage Accessories

Racking or shelving can increase the storage capabilities inside any container. Racking is simple to assemble and comes in a range of heights, making it much easier to tidy the floor space of your container and ensure the contents are stored neatly. You can choose how many shelves you want on the racking and can even have custom racking built to fit your storage needs. Shelving can also make your stored items much easier to access as you can see all the items on shelves without having to move things around to get to them.

Security Accessories

Nobody wants to worry about the security of their storage. It’s extremely important that your container is adequately secured with a locking system. A CISA padlock, for example, is an ideal lock for your container. The padlock itself has a hardened steel armour jacket and can be individually keyed, ‘keyed alike’ or with a master key covering all locks in a set. It’s resistant to corrosion and resistant to being cut, so there’s no need to worry about the lock being damaged.

In addition to a strong padlock, our patented ‘Contain-A-Lock’® Padlock Protector and Lock is the perfect container security solution. It offers both your padlock and container an additional layer of security. It is welded onto your container making the lock tamper-proof.

Electrical Accessories

Adding electrical accessories into your container can transform a metal box into “ready” to use work space. Supplying electrics, such as heaters, strip lights and sockets, into a container is much easier than you think. Following on-site connection and testing by a qualified electrician your container can be wired up to supply power to electrics.

There are a number of ways that the electrical accessories can be supplied within your container. Electrical items are fitted without piercing the container skin using screws or rivets which avoids any risk of future leaks and keeps the container watertight. Surface-mounted impact-resistant plastic enclosures, and trunking can be used to hide and protect. You can also upgrade to galvanised steel although this is usually available on request only. The accessories can be fitted ahead of the delivery to an agreed customer specification, and are fitted and certified to BS7671 Electrical Regulations.

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