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How to Stockpile: Lowering Risks & Reducing Costs

For manufacturers, stockpiling provides a source of security in uncertain times. Macro-environmental factors such as fluctuations in the stock market, extreme weather or political climate put pressure on manufacturers to hold extra stock to fulfil orders and overcome potential barriers or long-term issues.

The benefits are clear – having stock in your possession gives you an element of control against issues which you are very much not in control of. It reduces long term financial risks and keeps production lines flowing keeping customers and employees happy. As we write, a number of large manufacturers are considering or undertaking stockpiling for Brexit to allay fears of impending barriers to trade with the EU and subsequent material price increase.

The BBC reports that BMW is looking into the stockpiling debate currently, looking to combat the 60% of Mini Cooper parts which are transported across the channel and assembled in the UK, with only a small number of parts held locally.

With so much to consider when it comes to stockpile management, the ideal solution is one that provides your business with flexibility, security and control without significant financial and operational cost.

The solution is to hire a shipping container

How shipping containers provide an effective stockpiling solution

Here are five benefits of using a shipping container for stockpiling, that help you save costs, space and reduce risks.


Instead of wasting valuable time and costs in organising expensive warehouse space (probably off-site with extra transport costs) or clearing out an area of productive work space, a containers can be delivered to your site within a matter of days, ready to use. And when the time comes where stock is no longer needed to be held in such volumes, you the containers can be returned at a convenient time, to limit any impact on your day-to-day operations.

Shipping containers provide flexibility in terms of size. From 10ft right up to 40ft long, with internal space being 32m3 for a standard 20ft and 66m3 for a standard 40ft – you can choose a container that is the right size for your needs in any quantity you need.


With their robust steel structure combined with security enhancing padlocks, such as the patented contain-a-lock system, your valuable stock is protected from both thieves and the elements.


With a storage container on site, you have complete control over the order in which materials are stored, with stock that can be quickly accessed as required. Take control of every process, from delivery, to positioning, to usage and collection. You don’t have to commit to a long term lease of costly warehouse space, and the unit can be tailored to your requirements in terms of access and functionality, with shelving, partitions and other container accessories available.

Cost effectiveness

Shipping containers are available for both hire or purchase, with flexible terms on offer to suit your specific business requirements. You can make further savings with a used unit. In either case, your business benefits form a practical and neat storage solution on site that is tailored to your budget.

A customised storage solution

Temperature or light sensitive materials provide a challenge for storage. But a shipping container can be adapted to meet these requirements. With refrigeration, heating and ventilation options available through container conversion, as well as additional access, lighting and more.

How to stockpile efficiently? Contact S Jones

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