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How To Use A Shipping Container as a Mobile Lab

When it comes to research and testing, it isn’t always viable to transport specimens to a static laboratory potentially miles away. Sometimes, labs need to be in a specific location, remotely, on a site, or even in a hospital or supermarket car park.

Having a mobile lab can make testing and analysing more convenient and quicker at the least and can be absolutely necessary for some people. If you need to create a mobile laboratory a converted shipping container can be the best solution. Shipping containers have been designed to withstand extreme weather conditions as well as rough seas, making them ideal to be used in any environment as a mobile lab.

Why Use a Converted Shipping Container as a Mobile Lab?

There are several reasons why a converted and customised shipping container can be the best option for your laboratory. These include:

  • They can be designed and manufactured off-site, then picked up and delivered directly to your location
  • They can easily be moved from place to place, as well as within the same site
  • They are suitable for both short-term and long-term stays
  • They can be fully customised to suit your specific needs
  • They are safe and secure and can protect expensive equipment from extreme weather
  • The interior environment can be controlled
  • They can be decorated and branded to your spec

Customising your Mobile Laboratory

Every mobile laboratory will have different requirements, whether you need to have accurate temperature control, a specific storage facility, or a particular humidity level, for example. By creating a tailor-made shipping container laboratory, you can ensure that it meets all of your requirements.

The process of designing your mobile lab would normally involve meeting with a design team to go through your requirements, and together you would come up with a blueprint for your perfect mobile lab.

Some of the options that you have available include:

Size and Shape

Shipping containers have been designed specifically to be stacked and joined together, giving you numerous options regarding its size and shape. Size options will generally range from 10ft to 40ft, with extra high varieties also available. These can be used individually put on top of each other or joined side-by-side to create the perfect sized and shaped building for you.


For a laboratory to be used properly, you will almost certainly need to have energy and light available. Some people will also require running water, kitchens, and bathrooms. This infrastructure can all be fitted out during the manufacturing process, meaning that it can be simply connected up when it gets to the site.

To make your modular lab more comfortable and accessible to staff, you will also need to consider adding personnel doors and windows if the conditions that you require allow.

Internal Environment Control

Some labs require more specific environments, such as temperature or humidity control. These can also be accommodated into your design, as can specific storage units if need be. Insulating lining and moisture control would ordinarily be used to ensure the best environment for those who are using the lab, but additional measures can also be put in place to ensure that the internal environment meets your requirements.

Interior and Exterior Decoration

The design team will do their best to incorporate any interior and exterior design needs that you have. These could range from specific racking or shelving, to work units and storage cupboards, to branded painting and the addition of ramps for wheelchair access.

Any remote or mobile lab must also be safely locked, and one of our units is one of the most secure options that you have. Specialist heavy-duty locks are an excellent way to prevent those who shouldn’t be there from getting in or causing damage.

There are several aspects to consider when you need a mobile laboratory, from fundamental aspects such as it being able to withstand potentially harsh weather conditions and creating the right internal environment, through to ensuring that it is a comfortable place to be and branded properly. A unit from S Jones is a perfect basis for creating your mobile lab, as it can accommodate a range of requirements whilst being environmentally friendly and is less expensive than building a more permanent structure.

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