Kickstarting Your Catering Business with A Food Truck

Have you always seen yourself as the next Jamie Oliver? Maybe fancied your hand at cooking your favourite food for a living? If you think that you would be a great chef and are looking to go out on your own in business, then a food truck could be the perfect idea for you.

Buy or renting bricks and mortar premises can be expensive and risky if you are not entirely sure that this is what you want to be doing forever. And this is why many people think about having a food truck. There are several reasons why a food truck is a great first step into the catering world for budding restaurantrepreneurs. These include:

  • Low start-up costs
  • No additional employees needed (unless, of course, you want them)
  • Low overhead costs
  • Hands-on work
  • You work for yourself

One of the main aspects of starting up your food truck is the actual truck. Most people decide on a truck because they are less expensive than bricks and mortar premises and because they are mobile. The truth is, however, that most trucks don’t actually move around very much. Once that they find the ideal place to be set up, people tend to stay where they are.

As an alternative to a food truck with wheels, more and more people are turning to converted shipping containers to run their catering start-up from.

Why Use a Converted Shipping Container?

Shipping containers are the large metal boxes that are seen on cargo ships, on lorries, and on the back of trains. They are used to transport goods around the world, meaning that they are strong and robust. It also means that they are able to be moved easily from one place to another and can also be used as a construction material.

Converting a shipping container into a food ‘truck’ gives you a high degree of flexibility over its design and, although not necessarily as simply done as driving off with a food truck, is also mobile.

Some of the reasons why a converted shipping container is the ideal way to kickstart your catering business include:


Although it is unlikely that you will want to move your food truck too much, a converted shipping container can be put on a flatbed truck or towed on a trailer on a pickup or SUV.


Shipping containers are available in a range of sizes from 8ft to 40ft long. Even the smallest shipping container is probably going to be a little larger than an average food truck, a lot less cramped, and much easier to cook comfortably.


Traditional food trucks are notorious for not being overly secure. Many food truck owners have to take expensive equipment or food out at the end of the day. A shipping container has been designed to be strong and secure. Robust locking systems can be fitted to your shipping container to ensure that your expensive equipment and stock are kept safe from thieves, vandals, and extreme weather.


The price of buying and setting up a food truck can be more expensive than buying and setting up a converted shipping container.

The process of converting the shipping container can be very simple. Serving hatches and doors can be added, plumbing, electrical and lighting packages, ventilation, and work surfaces and kitchen equipment installed.

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