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Managing Inventory & Demand with Onsite Storage

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30th July 2020

Knowing how to deal with stock is a major part of running many businesses. It is important to not run out of stock and canny businessmen and women will often take advantage of special deals, buying in bulk, meaning that there will be some excess to be stored. In a business climate that is uncertain – such as the one that we are seeing with Covid-19 or Brexit, there are countless businesses who are looking to protect themselves in any way that they can – often with a certain degree of stockpiling.

When you have higher amounts of stock it is important that these are managed properly. It is important to know the exact numbers that you have as these will usually be counted as an asset in accounting terms, but it is also important to ensure that stock rotation happens – especially if you have perishable or time-sensitive items.

It is therefore important that your onsite storage is conducive to the accurate management of inventories and demand of your stock.

Using Shipping Containers for Onsite Storage

When it comes to the storage of assets, materials, or other stock, where it is stored is important to your ease of management. Of course, the specifics will rely on the type of stock that you have, but for good management of the storage, there are a few criteria that will need to be met.

For example, many people will require that their storage is:

  • Robust, secure, and able to protect the stock
  • Flexible in terms of what is able to be stored, when, and for how long. Some businesses are looking for temporary storage, whereas others would like a more permanent solution
  • Organised in terms of its layout and easy to access
  • Some people need temperature or moisture and humidity control

Robust and Secure

Shipping containers were designed to carry goods across rough seas and protect them from extreme weather conditions. This means that they are the perfect solution for protecting your stock from the elements, with their metal structure protecting it from water, impacts, and battering. This also means that they are difficult to break into and can be strengthened through the installation of strong locks and padlocks with padlock protectors to doors or windows.


One of the biggest benefits is that you have a great amount of flexibility available to you.

Firstly, you have the option of buying or hiring your shipping container. This will depend on whether you are looking for a short or longer-term storage area. If you think that you are likely to have stock to store for a long time, then it would be recommended that you buy one. However, if you see this as a short term challenge, then it might be more cost-effective if you hire a shipping container.

You also have a degree of flexibility over whether you choose new or second-hand – this is, of course, reflected in the price, and therefore allows for different budgets.

Another choice that you have, is linked to the size of your storage unit. There are usually three sizes available – 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft. However, there are also extra-high sided versions available. You should also be aware that if you need a larger space than this, all units have been specially designed to stack or join side-by-side easily.


It is important that your storage unit is organised, giving you the ability to be able to sort your stock, manage your inventory properly, and ensure that your stock never gets old or out of date.

A shipping container gives you a block of space to do with it what you will. You can put stock in loosely or in crates, you can fit racking or shelving, and ramps for the ease of getting things in and out if you prefer.

Interior Environmental Control

Another bonus to using is that you gain a great deal of control over the interior environment of your storage area. Temperature and moisture controls can be fitted in a custom unit, ensuring that your stock is kept in optimum conditions for it to last as long as possible in as good condition as possible.

Having the right onsite storage unit plays an important role in the ease of you being able to manage your stock properly. This is an excellent option that can give you the control that you need and ensure that your inventory is accurate and an asset to your business.

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